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    Tattooing 21 years, owner of El Rey Tattoo & Barber. Came from the skateboard industry to tattooing. Col. Todd's shopin 29 Palms was the first tattoo shop I stepped into. Mark Mahoney was the first to tattoo me and show me the way of tattooing. Avalon Tattoo was the first shop I worked in, Fip was a big influence on opening my eyes to all types of tattooing.
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    San Diego, Ca
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    Tattooing, painting, machine building, motorcycle and car customizing, surfing and surfboard shaping
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  1. Randy Janson


    Portrait of son on father
  2. Randy Janson


    Pin up chick on hot rod mag burning out.
  3. tattoo portrait of old man smoking
  4. Randy Janson

    Chiwawa Power

    dog portrait
  5. Dutch town freehand under arem
  6. Randy Janson

    Portrait 102

    Baby on dad's arm
  7. Randy Janson

    Paul Newman

    Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke
  8. Randy Janson

    Eye Chiwawa 1

    Sacred Heart and Chiwawa
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