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  1. I love the "red pencil club" sketches he posts every morning.

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    I love the "red pencil club" sketches he posts every morning.

    Hell yeah! I met him on instagram. He ended up coming out to our shop a couple of times and tattooed a couple of the guys. I drove out there and got a badass devil chick on my arm from him.

  2. During my 10 years in the business I have found that any tattoo which is properly saturated with proven pigments in a manner that anticipates the aging of the piece will last. There needs to be black to maintain contrast. (in my humble opinion too much black is almost enough) A heavily saturated section of color will last as long as the pigment permits, though it will only look it's best when dark black is placed near it...

    One problem is application. Many of these new realism tricks are achieved through a process that will not last, though with the right design, pigment choice, and application color should last... it just won't pop without black. I see examples of realism, both on the web and in person, which were obviously tattooed by someone who is uneducated in the tattoo process. These cannot be admitted into the longevity debate, as a "traditional tattoo" by the same artist would surely disappoint equally. I would love to delve into my perception of the difference in process further, but will stop here so that technique doesn't become public discussion.

    Another problem is pigment. Many flesh tones, browns, and pastel colors just end up losing out to time and sun. This being said, I have yellow on me that is almost 12 years old that is brighter than fresh tattoos I see from competitors. This yellow in my arm looks virtually the same as the yellow a friend of mine has in his tattoos, which were applied by the same artist 10 years prior to my own! I also have purple which was mixed down with white to fade into my skin tone in the same tattoo and after 12 years the main purple is solid and bright, and the transition to skin is flawless. This in my opinion is due to quality lightfast pigments which were applied in a manner which saturated the skin with the aging process thought of well in advance.

    This is just the way I've interpreted my observations over the years.

  3. Matt Arriola's tattoos look unreal from the tiny Instagram pictures of them, I would love to get tattooed by him.

    Matt is an amazing artist and a genuinely great person. One of the best human beings I've met. That being said, the Liberty crew is all around a great group of people and I reccomend everyone go check out that shop... Though being that I live in Florida, I cannot assume many of the people I make that suggestion to actually follow through...

  4. I don't think it's a big deal, though if you are nervous about it the appropriate time to ask to watch is well before they start to set up. No one likes wasting supplies because a customer was too nervous to pay attention to the setup process. I, for one, set up in an open room and if the customer wants to see, they can. Not every artist wants their setup to be scrutinized by the eyes of someone who may not understand the process, or worse, by someone trying to understand the process for their home use...

  5. The longest I've sat was 6 1/2 hours from Richard Stell on my stomach (which seemed like a week)... The longest I have tattooed someone was for just shy of 9 hours on this kid for his first tattoo. We did a complete great wave tattoo around the top of his arm onto his chest. I planned on doing 3-4 hours and for some reason made it my goal not to let him get up... He didn't let me down. Trooper!

  6. As a tattooer I have used many products in the quest to heal tattoos in the best way possible. I recently came across an all natural product called Hustle Butter. I was quite skeptical about it when I was introduced to it at a convention in Miami. It seemed like half of the guys there were using it and going on about using it durring the tattoo and as aftercare. I spoke With the owner of the company who sent me some free samples. I have to admit that it seemed to work well for me durring the tattoo and we used it on several pieces as an aftercare with fantastic results. It is certainly worth looking into...

  7. Hi Everyone. I've been tattooing almost ten years and I currently work at Shamrock Tattoo in Ormond Beach, Florida, where I've called home for 4 years now. I really enjoy most styles of tattooing, though my main focus is in black and grey. I hope you enjoy my work and look forward to seeing the amazing craftsmanship that today's serious tattooers are instilling in their work.