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    Jason Fancher
  2. I have a Rollomatic from 2007 I am considering selling for the right price. When Mike Malone was alive I bought it for $500...not really sure what they go for now?
  3. I'm currently looking for a solid reputable shop in the Midwest to tattoo at. Really I would probably consider the coast if it were a Good fit. I'm not really looking to work in a smoke shop or a place that has a bunch of 1 year dudes. You can see my most current work on face book. Thanks for looking https://www.facebook.com/jason.fancher.73
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy Pinky Yun Flash?
  5. It just means i have to do a couple shots before I start drinking beer. No big deal. I really don't like getting out of control drunk.
  6. That's funny I just took a job offer at my friend Brent Atwoods shop in Utah. His place is called The Pharoahs Horses. When I get to Utah we should get one of those 3% beers I've been hearing so much about. Lol
  7. Oh crazy.. I was getting tattooed by Eric Hogan and Freddy Corbin back then. I'm sure we have meet. Still a great shop full of amazing people.
  8. Thanks man.. I would if I could get someone to move to middle of nowhere. Actually my good friend Brad Mariachi came out and worked here for a bit. There just wasn't enough good food selection for him to stay. Lol. I will more then likely just start doing more guest spots.
  9. Thanks...I REALLY appreciate that. I do miss Sacramento and it's great to get out there and see my family.
  10. I got back from my road trip just to find my shop trashed. My landlord tried to blow insulation on my drop ceiling and got it everywhere. It's going to take 2 weeks to have it Cleaned professionally. Between being on the road and this I may be open to a big change in my life. We all know there are too many shops and closing mine may be the first step in making this business better. Id really enjoy just tattooing and painting and not worry about owning a business. I guess if it's meant to be I'll get an offer I cant refuse. It would really be nice to get back in to a shop where I am inspi
  11. I will be there from January 23- FEbuary 1st. Anyone that wants to get tattooed let me know. I may be available to do a few days in the bay if anyone needs a chair filled.
  12. Yeah got to hang out with the guys from elm street and Richard Stell on Wednesday night. Really great people and Dallas is a blast. I liked Norman a lot. I'm kinda excited to go back through there for sure. I'll probably try to meet up with Tony from Rock of ages in the next couple days. Such a fun trip man. I'm so glad I decided to just jump in the car and hit the road. I really had no plan... Just went for it.
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