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  1. Hello and welcome! Nice collection you have. AO.gif

    How "fun" were the finger tattoos?

    Lol. Thank you. I don't have photos of all of them.

    Yahhhh. Fingers hurt. At least they're fast. I was really bummed when the color came out of a couple of them...

  2. I had a traumatic injury early last year, and while recovering, I went in for a sternum piece. It was so weird that I felt NO pain. I think the connections in my brain were screwed up. I hurried and got 3 tattoos quite painlessly.

    Unfortunately... It didn't last.. Lol

  3. Hi,

    I called myself rustyrider here because my horses name is Rusty, and I couldn't think of anything else. Haha

    I'm 56, I got my first tattoo at 31 - I think.

    I have a few tattoos here and there.

    I decided to join because my friends don't understand my love for tattoo art, and I want to be able to 'talk' to more people who share the same love.