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  • Birthday 05/06/1976

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    34 years old, Tattooer.
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    Amarillo Texas
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    Tattooing, drawing, painting, machine building, motorcyles, jiu-jitsu,
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  1. I posted this before reading the other. Sorry guys, Just a little aggro.
  2. Well? July 14. More mockery of our beloved craft, tune in to TLC.........
  3. Chris Conn is definitely one, I like the way Nick Ley does them as well.
  4. Chad Smith

    skull duh

    Sick skull, shoulda put it up in that pit fool, ha!
  5. Same on Jockey Journal, Now... if I could just find that painting of John Holmes to add to the "theme" Man with the longest.............
  6. For me its Leatherface right now, mix it up with some Dwarves,Cobra skulls, Turbonegro, The Clash. If the soccer moms decend upon me I hit them with some Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. I as well try to keep up some kind of conversation though.
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