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  1. Got my leg and cheeks drilled by filip about a month back, the inner thigh and butt crack/tail bone have to be pretty high on my list. I still find the healing and swelling 10x worse to deal with IMO. Getting my sternum done was pretty grueling too.
  2. Plans for 2013, horiyoshi in january, mick and sabine in april. i wish time could speed the hell up :rolleyes:
  3. Check out Bel-air tattoo, frank rosenkilde he's a very knowledgeable guy and great to talk to if you are interested in the tattoo history of denmark
  4. Yeah, I was practically squealing with delight when he was finished, and it didn't take long either ;) @CultExciter : yup, that's the one
  5. By Mick Got it done 3 days ago at his shop
  6. When doing oriental work I try to stop sleeves at the narrowest point on the wrist which is usually about 2 fingers from the base of your palm. Same goes for ankles. If you find it a bit too short it can be the perfect space for small fillers like those prayer beads one sometimes finds in Japanese bodysuits.
  7. The frogs are from Kyosai's paintings, I told him about how much I liked them and mick just made it work!
  8. I just got back home from Amsterdam where I had the great pleasure of getting tattooed by Zurich Mick at the museum. About two weeks ago. Experience of a lifetime!
  9. I use 3 different methods of healing tattoos as dictated by my mood 1) Bepanthen - Applied very very sparingly to the tattoo at least twice a day, ~10mins after showers so that the skin is dry. I get very thin scabs with this method of healing, and I find it to be good for areas where there's a lot of movement (eg. in between your arm ditch and elbow) 2)Tegaderm - applied roughly six hours after getting tattooed. stick it on and take it off 5 days later. It's a breathable antibacterial occlusive bandage made by 3M, It's meant to act like a second skin, specifically for open wounds and burns. I like this one as it is so fuss free, your arm doesn't hurt to the touch after the second day, and I find it especially useful if you are frequently in situations where you could potentially hit your tattoo against something. I also find it very useful when I get anything done on my arms, I don't need to worry too much about accidental ink splatter and whatnot while tattooing. 3) Natural healing - scabs come out slightly thicker for me and take a day or two longer to flake off, but otherwise fine
  10. I was getting my thigh done by Takami earlier this year, about 5 1/2 hrs in he used a generous amount of bactine. It still hurt, but much of the sting was gone and it made the remaining hour or so a much more pleasant experience. I only use bactine on clients when i find them getting a little too jumpy/noisy for comfort towards the end of a session. Reactions are mixed though, some say it's a world of difference, others say theres no effect.
  11. I did this piece last saturday and I don't quite know what to think of it.... my opinion is that darker areas with cross hatching (where the lines actually criss cross) and closely spaced lines may not look so good over time. All it takes are a couple of good blowouts or the lines thickening over time for things to go wrong. I will probably have to spend a little more time on this piece when it's completely healed, I'm not entirely satisfied with the contrast on this as it translates to skin
  12. barcodes..... tiny barcodes.... I also can't stand it when someone has terribly done/drawn outlines and they want to get it filled in when a good cover-up is all it takes. thanks for sharing that awesome tip jeff! definitely won't forget it the next time a lip tattoo walks in the door
  13. The first tattoo I did was a post stamp sized 'ohm' on the thigh of a friend, t'was supposed to be free but he insisted on paying $2!! I don't have pics, but i thought i did pretty well..... until it healed!
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