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  1. My first tat story sucks. I was 16 smoking a blunt with my gf and I decided to get a tat. so we went that same day and I got my moms name on my wrist.. looks kinda shitty but I like it
  2. Wow what a beautiful tat, it wouldve looked way cooler on the side calf though IMO.. but its fuckin beautiful man
  3. Why would you wanna do that? lol but tattoos with credit card now?? thats some type of shit you only see in america lol
  4. I heard monkeys shoulder was really good.
  5. When i was 17, one girl i used to fuck told me to go with her to get a tattoo.. so we went to my barber because he used to tattoo from his garage.. this dumbbitch got a winnie the pooh that on her stomach :L .. she was 15 at the time too.. damn i wish i took pics that day

    back piece

    This is breathtaking..


    Beautifulll too bad is on feet and can't show it off
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