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  1. No real plan to colour dragon or girls CORK, I prefer black and grey but felt the addition of colour in the phoenix and Tiger just had to be done and I think it works pretty well.
  2. Just finished my latest session adding this Tiger to my back piece to cover the wolf I had lasered. Still need another sitting to finish the phoenix wing and fill in a few gaps !! Nearly there !!! All by Ray Wewerka Flaming Art Tattoo
  3. bye bye wolf hello Tiger
  4. Had a brainwave yesterday about doing a full bodied dragon coming up the back of my thigh over my bum and having the head where the wolf is now in between the big dragon claws ? So options are 1) Dragon and flower (colour) 2) Skull and Flower Lets brighten up a dull Wednesday and a have a vote ?
  5. Was tossing up between a skull or a Hanya, but not sure if another face front on will work really ? Maybe at an angle ? Frustrating as I knew everything else I wanted on my back piece but now the wolf is going I can't make a decision. Was thinking a big colourful flower, so perhaps a skull and the flower !!!!
  6. Check out my gallery its all his !!
  7. Hi Josh I've not been to your shop but I've been next door for some laser with Sara ! My work is done by Ray Wewerka at Flaming Art Crayford. Next laser session I will pop in and say hi!!
  8. Next session done on my Dragon/Audrey Kawasaki piece. Wolf had 3 laser sessions and will be ready to cover in a couple of months. Im loving my first bit of colour in the phoenix which goes down my thigh and across my stomach. i'm thinking of a big colourful flower over the wolf what do you reckon ? Or maybe something from my left bum cheek up ? (Didnt want to put you off your tea so airbrushed my crack)
  9. Not the best pic, will post when healed
  10. My back piece is coming along nicely (even started getting the wolf tramp stamp lasered) and my last session included the start of my phoenix going up my thigh, with wings going over my stomach and over my bottom on to my back. During this session I literally put a woolly hat over my willy and pulled y shorts down. Didn't bother me but wasn't sure if the correct etiquette would be to get some sort of thong or those Japanese nappy type garments. (unsure of the correct term) What have you guys/girls worn when getting the tradesmens inked? Cheers
  11. I watched the first two series of Californication over here in the UK but I think they stopped it after that ! What series you on now? Will have to find a download!!!
  12. We all have opinions and that is what makes a good forum and as Shannon rightly says above if we all just agreed it would be pretty dull. What some folk think is a shit tattoo others may love for whatever reason. There are enough images on here for people to decide what THEY think is good or bad but at the end of the day its still their choice whatever they decide. At the end of the day if this forum was around when I started getting inked 20 years ago, then I wouldn't have chosen the crap i had way back then, but as many of you have pointed out its how you learn. The only reason I met with my current artist and now very good friend is because I had a tat i needed sorting. It was a blue unicorn lol !!!! (if you could see my face as I typed that) Have a good weekend all...I'm off on a stag doo !!!
  13. Are they real, the Che looks photo shopped? Amazing if genuine.
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