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  1. really to be honest I think the pricing is fair because if work is quality it will not be cheap.
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    Hey whatsgood? My name is JayKing and im new to this forum. Really to be honest i just got out of the penitentiary after 6 long years and im happier than Ive ever been. I plan on pursuing a professional tattoo career , Im extremely passionate about it. As ssoon as Im able to post my own thread in three days I will post lots of pictures of artwork Ive done over the years. Its mostly illustration boards because the examples of my tattoo work are incarcerated lol. I specialize & excel in realism and lettering as well but Im versatile and can adapt to any style. I have lots of questions and research to do before I can start the transition to a 'freeworld' gun but this is the start! Anyways im happy to be free and part of this forum .-Jayking.