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  1. I figured it was time to contribute! I've really enjoyed all your pics/post the last couple years...good stuff.

    This is my mountain goat piece. I'm into it 60 of estimated 70hrs but who we kidding...I'll keep going. I've been flying down to Guru Tattoo in San Diego from the Pacific Northwest every other month since March. The artist is Aaron Della Vedova. I've been doing two 6 hour sessions each visit accompanied by a miserable flight home. I had an existing shoulder piece/mountain scene that he tied into.

    I'm heading down next week for another beating. This is where I'm at so far...

  2. I feel bad it has taken me so long to sign up when I've had the LST tab open on my iPad for two years!

    I enjoy following the back piece thread and seeing the progress/finished products on so many well done pieces. I'm currently about 90% thru my back piece...60 hours of an estimated 70...but who we kidding here, I'll keep going. I'll find a pic and post it in the backpiece thread later. Cheers -g

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