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  1. I tried this last night, Wells "Waggle Dance" Honey Beer. Nice, though I couldn't detect and honey flavour. Thought it smelled honey-ish though.
  2. I was on Xam's waiting list for about a year and a half, and had my appointment last month, so you should be up soon! It was worth the wait!
  3. Another vote for Tutti Serra here too, great stuff. Also, i'd love to get tattooed by Jason Phillips, I really like the word play and pun oriented tattoos and flash he does.
  4. Thanks, I love it! My girlfriend was texting me Instagram like updates as I was on the way to the airport after the tattoo to fly back to Dublin,we were getting wildly excited by all the likes :) Xam is super quick, the whole thing took about 3 and half hours.
  5. My latest, another torch. Done by Xam at The Family Business in London, last Monday. Healing up pretty good. Pic is fresh, as you can tell from the bloody paper towels!
  6. I can definitely relate to this, happens to me after nearly all big sessions. Your body releases all these endorphins and adrenalin and what not while your getting tattooed, so it seems natural enough that theres going to be some sort of comedown. You just have to minimise the angst by eating well and avoiding stress, and of course checking out your new tattoo!
  7. I've really enjoyed Tattoo Age. I'm no tattooer, just an enthusiastic collector, but the mindset and work ethic of the people featured was really inspiring to me in my own non tattooer pursuits. On the Thom DeVita episodes, he seems like a really cool guy, and I was amazed at how well the tattoos on his own skin have held up. Considering he's 80, everything looked pretty readable and solid, and his back piece is still really vibrant.
  8. Hi, yeah it's a gramophone with roses. There's a better pic of it in my gallery now :)


  9. A better pic of my avatar is in my gallery now.


  10. Hey,

    Yeah its a gramophone with roses. That's a pretty bad iphone pic that I snapped a few weeks back when it was fresh. As it happens I took a new pic of it today with a nice camera, I'll upload it later as I have to pop out now :)

    Give you a shout here when it's up.


  11. I too would like to see some less than perfect pin ups....Might even have to get one! Prediction wise, I expect owl tattoos to peak and arm bands to make an unwelcome comeback.
  12. Hi,

    whats your avatar? I cant really see it thinking record player with flowers can you upload it to galler?

  13. My longest was about five hours on my chest. That was six years ago, so who knows if I could sit that long now. I'd like to think I could though! Had just over three hours on the back of my leg a couple of weeks ago and took it pretty well. But legs are easy. What's this Bactine stuff that was mentioned a couple of pages back?
  14. Yeah Dr. Dave is great, he helped me out once on a tattoo trip to New York. Back on topic, old ladies often give nice compliments, and someone once said that my tattoos made them feel warm and fuzzy. How quaint.
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