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  1. New tattoo, new post. After much research I chose Chris to do my new piece, which he was happy to do for me. I waited a few months of course then finally the time came. Got it done yesterday, 5 1/2 hours straight. Fucking legit piece of art.
  2. Tomorrow is the day! I have a 6 hour block with Mr. Adamek tomorrow afternoon. I'll post pics after completion. Can anyone give me an estimate of an hourly tip rate for a tattoo of this caliber?
  3. Thank you SStu! - - - Updated - - - I have a consultation appointment with Chris Adamek on Dec 19th :cool:
  4. Funky stuff Marley! :) Very cool thank you for sharing.
  5. Thom Boyle from Tattoo Frenzy
  6. I am looking into Jamie Sawyer right now thanks again. The more I research Chris' work the more it blows me away. Awesome stuff! - - - Updated - - - Any additional artists are greatly appreciated folks. I'm looking for quality, detailed art and would like all the opinions I can get!
  7. Thank you Marley, Chris is on my list. I sent an email to him with my story fingers crossed he responds!
  8. Thank you Sora I will cerainly look into Mr. Vegas. As far as budget, no not necessarily. This is a tattoo for my young cousin who has recently passed. I want a portrait realism of his favorite animal, the panda bear. It must be detailed and beautiful, I am willing to spend the money.
  9. Hello all! I'm super stoked to be a member of lastsparrowtattoo! I'm from Long Island NY, and currently have 1 tattoo on my right calf which takes up the entire calf. It is a black and grey Celtic cross with a claddah in the center. A sort of Celtic/Tribal fusion in my opinion. I am interested in getting a realism/portrait of a panda bear, but I want real quality work. Like picture perfect. Does anyone have any artists that they can recommend for this style of tattoo? Long Island, NYC, Tri-State, East Coast are my preferred locations but any suggestions across the county are more than welc
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