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    Love traveling getting tattooed and playing music.
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    los angelas.
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    Skateboarding, Painting, Tattoos. other types of ill shit.
  1. I got this at ink n iron by chad k kind of a bad pic but the only one i got if it works this time ! thanks for the pic help
  2. mine was probably 3 and a half hours and the back calf slash shin wasnt too bad though. That thing about the older you get more it hurts so true ! although my last piece was chest slash stomach so that may have something to do with it.
  3. How do you post pictures on a post reply I cannot figure this thing out ?
  4. SHANE TATTOOS: Second Palm Tattoo On Dan this dude does some pretty awesome palm work, Have seen some really good ones from tony hundhal as well.
  5. I have been tattooed by him a few times when i lived in oregon he's not at atlas anymore last I heard he wasnt tattooing anymore cus of his painting schedulle but its worth a shot. earlier in the thread people were talking about scott H
  6. Like owen jensen tigers alot ! vinse from liberty did a tiger head on my elbow. Post pics once i figure out how
  7. ninkasi total domination ipa, Double dead guy is awesome. Dogfish head aprihop ale. 21st amendment monks blood is a good one too.
  8. Dylan H

    hey there

    Thats awesome man Like dereks work alot havent gotten any work from him yet though. Vinse is super cool he did a few pieces on my arm. Jamies stuff is super rad too. Emily tattooed my feet there as well. Really awesome shop
  9. Dylan H


    Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone. I am a collector. Started because my dad was a biker. So as a young kid I had the fascination about this art and mystery. I remember being fairly young and having to just wait outside of shops with my older sister While my dad got work done. If we tried to walk on we got booted right out! But that excitement and intrigue stayed with me my whole life. I hope to share my own personal storys and work with all of you.
  10. Dylan H


    New to the last sparrow been following it for awhile finally decided to join. Really stoked on all the interviews and photos and blogs, Super amped to be a part of a website for people that really cherish what this craft is. Thanks
  11. Dylan H

    hey there

    Hey man, Just also joined the board after lurking for awhile. From seattle originally living in southern california now. Got alot of work in the pacific northwest though. What shops you normally go to?
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