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  1. got my neck done by chris conn - - - Updated - - - also started my back with bryan burk
  2. im flying to la to start my back with bryan burk next week, appointment got pushed back a couple times, but finally after hundreds of wasted airline tickets were doing it haha. hes flying out that night so my appointment got moved to 10am. oof. going to be dead tired and after have no where to go until my friend gets off work at 8pm hahah
  3. drove down to portland to get this. underrated tattooer.
  4. I met a girl, we talked tattoos, she's from az, shows me her legs done by roper, says they're friends and she can text him and give me a referral. Looks like I'm saving some money and flying to Arizona sometime this year. !!!! Also naturally me and this girl have been seeing each other. Life is cool sometimes.
  5. Getting tattooed by Thomas hooper at the bay con I'm pretty fucking stoked - - - Updated - - - Thinking of him doing a fudo on my neck. His fudo heads are so cool and he seems like a humble guy
  6. Daniel Albrigo, three kings in NYC. Still kind of freaking out
  7. word, just found it. thanks @CultExciter
  8. i dont know the right section for this, so just posting this to see if anyone knowns but does anyone know what this print is called?
  9. im going to new york april 25th. getting my hands done by daniel albrigo!!!
  10. Frank William from when i was in chicago last week.
  11. I feel bad for winning again thanks to Bryan but hey just means more people should get tattooed by him because he's the best! Thanks @Iwar I will be going to Oslo still but not til July so still quite a bit of time
  12. naturally, i am having bryan burk do my back. i am terrified. because ill be travelling i will have to do longer fewer sessions
  13. going to la to finish this with bryan burk in a couple weeks. and i just booked a flight to austin in february emailed steve byrne! sorry if the pictures big
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