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  1. PinkUnicorn,

    I understand where you're coming from. I'm also a citizen of both the US and UK I've worked in the service industry for years in both countries and now own my own restaurant in the UK, so I've been on both sides of the coin. I do think that in an ideal world service workers would just get paid a decent wage and not have to rely on tips - but unfortunately many do. In the UK, almost every restaurant owner keeps all credit card tips for themselves, plus a big chunk of cash tips (I've found most people here don't know this).

    I'm sorry that inflated tipping makes you uncomfortable, but it's still voluntary. There's no need to tip excessively, especially if you feel you're being forced (if I see gratuity included on a bill, I usually ask for it to be removed so I can leave my own in cash.. so, I get it).

    But, I don't see how what I choose to do with my personal money affects you in any way - it gives me great joy and satisfaction to tip, and it's absolutely never inappropriate (like, I don't tip my bin man), despite what Tripadvisor says.

    I try to bring BBQ, coffee, etc. And I tip every session.

    You "bring BBQ" to your tattoo appointments? Holy shit I need to visit Austin...

  2. I'm from Iowa in the US. It is very rude here not to tip. It is the opposite in the UK? Is it considered an insult?

    No, it's not an insult at all, I'm not positive but I'm assuming PinkUnicorn said that because he doesn't want me to encourage a culture where people are expected to tip? Like I said, I grew up thinking it's the right thing to do and I love seeing how grateful people are so I'm going to continue. I think tipping encourages better service, and if I can't afford to leave a decent tip, I don't go out (or get a tattoo, take a taxi, etc).

  3. My grandpa was in the coast guard, and he has a knife/dagger on his forearm with a white ribbon around it that says "Death Before Surrender". It's extremely faded and blurred out, smudged now but it's still pretty hardcore. I never thought of it in the sense that I liked or disliked it, it was just part of my grandpa.

    First tattoo I saw that I really loved was my uncle's. He has Calvin and Hobbes on his calf. I remember how brilliantly colored and crisp it was when he got it and thought it was awesome.

  4. I own my own business (a restaurant) and I allow my employees to show their tattoos and piercings. Firstly, I think it adds to the vibe of the place, and secondly, I've got them myself.

    My whole working life I've worked in countless shitty operations who force their employees to become personality-less drones in the name of "professionalism". I always swore that customers actually don't give a shit about their server's body art as long as their food and service are great- and guess what? I'm right. No one has ever said a thing about them.

  5. Wow. The way the lines wrap so fluidly around your arm is perfect. Totally jealous!

    For the wings, maybe a super dark purple with lighter purple highlights? Or a dark purple with black highlights? Since you've got almost every other colour of the rainbow in there, it might round it out nicely plus I think dark purple/black looks masculine in a tattoo.

  6. So, I've got these really old scars on my back (had surgery to remove keloidal scars 13 years ago) that I'm booked in to get tattooed over next month. I spoke to my artist about them, she asked how old they were and took a look at them and said its no problem at all. Didn't seem to be perturbed by them in the slightest.

    Of course I've read a ton of conflicting information online (also loads about how extra painful tattooing over scars is- yippee), some saying if a scar is raised at all it can't be tattooed over, and if it's red or pink that's a no-go as well (mine is raised slightly and pink). Again- they're 13 years old. I can't seem to find any photos online of anyone getting tattoos over scars that look exactly like mine either.

    I totally trust my tattoo artist, she has an amazing portfolio and is very experienced and the shop is extremely well know on and reputable so I'm sure she knows what she's talking about, but just to put my mind at ease I wanted to get others' professional opinion (or just the opinion of experienced tattooed people!).

    ... Just a side note: I'm stopping below the two linear scars, not going over the keloids on the bottom. Also I'm not doing this because I'm embarrassed or ashamed of them... I just want a tattoo in that area and there just so happens to be scars there! If that makes sense. Thanks.

  7. It's fascinating to me the reactions that some parents give their kids over something as seemingly innocent as a tattoo. It really gives perspective to how much things can change from just one generation to the next. I can remember my mom saying that she thought tattoos looked so trashy on women, and my grandma saying that no one would want to hire someone with tattoos. In their generation that's how it was and its really hard to change an opinion that's so ingrained.

    I've never officially told either of my parents, mostly because I live so far away from them and it didn't cross my mind to tell them, but my dad has seen it loads of times and just says nothing or maybe something like "everyone has tattoos these days". My mom said "I saw your tattoo on Facebook and I don't even hate it! I'm coming to terms with it." I asked her why she thinks it's a big deal and she said "Sweetheart. Imagine you have a perfect baby girl, beautiful, perfect in every way, and then she goes and draws permanent pictures all over herself!"

    Good point I guess? Ha.

  8. I had post-tattoo anxiety after my first (and so far only) tattoo as well. I was young, didn't realize what I was getting was super trendy, so of course straight afterwards was like "what have I done".

    Fast forward to now and I love it, get compliments on it all the time, don't give a shit that it was trendy!! It's really become a part of me.

    Like the others said before me, I'd give it just a little more time before you rush back to get it changed. And if you still feel the same in a couple months I'm sure that your tattoo artist would feel good that you came back to him rather than going elsewhere.

  9. Tell me about it! I'm totally spoiled for choice. I love browsing tattoo shops/artist portfolios in the UK when I should be working, studying, etc.

  10. I agree, every session. It will all work out the same in the end anyway. Like, if you're tipping 20% each time, why not just tip every time?

    I'll just say I'm an American living in the UK and I still tip "like an American" - I can't help it, it's so ingrained. Plus I love the reactions of cab drivers and hairdressers etc who aren't used to being tipped much, if at all.

  11. Hey there ho there,

    I'm an American living in the UK and have one tattoo, and will be getting another in January which I've already booked in for and paid the deposit. Although I'm only on my second, I already have my third one thought out and am researching an artist to do that one, so I can see this tattoo thing already spiralling out of control (in a good way of course)!

    Have come here for a bit of advice, but I also just love looking at tattoos online and talking about them, which is why I registered!

    Happy tattoos