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    Me lady 'n' I live aboard the Black Pearl. My Black Pearl is 2x as big as the one in the movies, an' shes an English galleon that's 1/2 restaurant, 1/2 B&B & 100% pirate ship.
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    45 N x 124 W
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    Looting, pillaging, plundering and otherwise pilfering me weasely, black guts out.
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  1. Thanks - that one's for my son. his name is Paul (middle initial W.), and growing up, his friends always called him "Paul E. Wog", and later, "the Wog". I don't know if they dubbed him, or he claimed it himself, but when he hit late teens or early adult, he became "King Wog". When I was younger, I used to collect frogs; at some point, I gave them all to him... and when I started getting tattoos, it seemed the best "tribute" for him. They say getting names tattoo'd is a mistake... but I figure if it's your kid... THAT never changes! ;)
  2. well... they say 'never say never'... one reason I got an anchor on my ankle, was for a "grounding" (lol)... another reason was, it's a sailors 'good luck' (rope wrapped around anchor)... another sailors good luck is pig(I think it was) on one foot, and rooster (I think it is) on the other foot... so... it may be considered. (don't worry, I'll get it right, if I do decide on it...)
  3. buggar. plz forgive the noobie here. should have "reply with quote" on what I was talking about. Day of the Dead Girl tattoo on pg 2.
  4. alright, thx very much, mate. did think of that, while viewing... but as the 'noobie' on the block, didn't want to 'barge in', as it were.
  5. thanks very much, hogg. thought abit... wonder, ok, "where" do I post pix? figure I can figure that out by scouting around, but then thought, "which" thread is more appropriate for what? figure, "either way" I'd feel like an idiot -- but hey, that's what "questions" are for, eh? I have uploaded my first pic, as profile pic, opted not for avatar... 1. if no avatar, will profile pic come through in posts? 2. how long's it take for posts/pix to be approved, and show up? (actually I already see posts coming through.) I'm sure I'll have more questions later... don't mind the noobie, lol. ;)
  6. hands, feet, neck, head. nope... except that I have 2 tiny tatts on my hands... one each hand. 3 rectangles on right index finger, and a '3' on left web between thumb & index. that's all. pretty much everything else is fair game... lots of canvas. probably nothing else on right forearm, as not to interfere with the Sparrow-look while pirating. :)
  7. well. I have now read the entire thread. It just seems to me that there are a lot of terms and slang out there, and some people are offended, and others don't mind the various terms. Apparently it just depends on what part of the country/world you're from, and what your personal life experiences are. If I am in a conversation with other tattoo enthusiasts, I will use whatever terms I am personally comfortable with, but when discover what terms make my friend uncomfortable, I will refrain from using.
  8. While reading this thread, I am not offended at all, by the term "collector"... isn't that what we're doing?... "collecting tattoos"? I think it sounds a lot better than "tattoo-getter". No offense, gougetheeyes.
  9. I never thought anything was wrong with "tatts"... this is the first time I've seen anyone have a problem with 'any' nicknames or slang for tattoos. I used the term once in my intro... as I never knew. I will try not to use anything offending here.
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