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    Been tattooing almost two years now and am currently at Rockstar tattoo in Scarborough,North Yorkshire. Tattooing is my life,live and breath it.
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    Painting and drawing,Tattoos and tattooing,tattoo history,skating,reading,movies,music.
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    Tattoo artist

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  1. I've been tattooed with both and use both to tattoo with,I thinks it's all about where you are getting the tattoo done on the body as to how much it hurts ,let's face it tattoos all hurt to one degree or another,that's part of the experience for me. Tattooers choice at the end of the day,if they are comfortable with the machine they use then you will get a better tattoo
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    Hello all. Have not been on the site to make posts etc. in a while but have been lurking as a member for ages. Have Ben tattooing for nearly two years now and all be posting some work in my profile soon....ish. You are more than welcome to view these images and all positive criticism is welcome Thanks :)
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  5. That is one of the best pharaohshorses I think I've ever seen,love it!
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    A quick hello to everyone here,may or may not have already done this but the large banner at the top of my page hasn't gone and is making me feel guilty :) I work at Rockstar tattoo in Scarborough England and am currently doing my apprenticeship there,have been loving the apprentice horror stories feed btw! Have been a reader of the site for some time and decided it was deffinatly time to join. Any way hellos over :)
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    random stuff.
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