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    21 year old male. Currently stationed in Northern VA. 3 years of service so far. Have a family of three. Two beautiful children and wife. I'm a tattoo fanatic...when I have the money to actually get them. On tattoo #6, waiting to get #7.
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    World of Warcraft, Weightlifting
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    U.S. Army
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    Thanks for all the advice guys! Yea its hard to stick with meaningful tattoos, but its just something I perfer. However, like I said, I'm just open to spontaneous ideas on just something would even cover the thing up! Ill try one of the local artists around here again. Since I have had it lasered a couple times since they have seen it maybe they can offer different advice on it now. Or they could just tell me to come back with pictures of what I would like. Sometimes I'm not sure if they understand that's the whole reason I'm coming to them, because I'm clueless.
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    Hey guys, My name is Dylan, I'm 21 and stationed in VA. I actually came across this thread when I was looking for ways to do a cover up for a tattoo I am highly disappointed of getting...I figured why not join in with others who may of had the same experience as me and maybe get advice for future tattoos? I am a tattoo fanatic, but I like to tattoo things that symbolize a significant change in my life or maybe a mile stone. It helps me remember my feelings for that moment. Along with the event altogether, since I have a horrible memory. The picture is actually the one I want to get fixed...its been lasered three times (painful!), so its been lightened some. I have went to four tattoo shops and they all have said the same thing or saying they can, but needed an idea. Which is what I am completely stumped on. In reference to my comment about it being significant event to my life that still remains, but maybe if any of the participants of this forum has any idea of what can even cover it, I can find something for it to symbolize in my life. Again I'm glad to be on the forum and hope to stay and communicate ideas or talk about past encounters with tattooing. Thanks! D Dub