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  1. Yes, my brother is a missionary and also teaches things in the church, and both him and his wife have a lot of tattoos, and he learned how to tattoo people and work with this as a freelance in some studios of his friends.
  2. That's exactly what I meant.
  3. Hey guys, just came back from the studio. I didn't take a picture there, so now the plastic kinda ruins the photo, but there it is on the attachment.
  4. I was speaking in a literal way. Food is essential, pay bills and study to get a job is essential to live in a house. It does not matter how bad you want, how meaningful it is, a tattoo is a visual thing, the difference being is that it will be with you the rest of your life, but not having a tattoo you want makes you sad maybe angry, not having food or a good job to maintain the house is a whole other thing. We took different meanings in our posts.
  5. I think you have a different definition of essential.
  6. I'm no tattoo artist but I think it depends greatly from what part of the tattoo will be there. About the arm choice, I think you shouldn't just get the tattoo in other places that are not where you want them too (only if you think it would be just as good in the other place)
  7. It's an interesting topic, especially because I'm preparing for the first tattoo. It's not big and it will be on the inner side of the right arm, but I think it will kinda shock them because of the image I think they have of me. My parents are cool with everything (my father is more of the 'make jokes and tell it's ugly' type). But my half-brother (first marriage of my dad) and his wife both have a lot of tattoos, and recently he started drawing for other people, so I think they will be cool with it. I'm 19 years old and still live with them, but I work and will be using my personal money to
  8. I finally had the time to go to the studio and talk with the tattooer. He said he have 3 grey tones, and some other he can reproduce by mixing them, but we agreed to reduce the tattoo to 3 tones (honestly it kinda looks better with only 3), and the two support thin stripes will be enlarged a little, so when the tint settles it stays nice, he said the brain details can be reproduced nicely too. The price was fair, but I didn't signed to do it yet because I'm waiting on some payments to come (freelance life). As soon as I do it I'll post a picture here!
  9. I'm working with a friend of mine as a web developer, I live in a small city so a lot of companies around here don't have websites, me and my friend are offering the service of making the website and provide an easy control panel for it, so they can update their website themselves. The panel is developed by my friend. I do the front-end and he do the back-end. We are opening a company too and will change things a little bit by providing "almost ready" templates for companies and sell the websites for a lower price than creating from zero, and some months from now we will start offering to some
  10. I know, and I'm trying to get some time to go there but I work as a freelance and I'm in those super occupied months (which is great $$), so I wanted to ask here because if I have to make some changes, you guys should know better than me what could be done in a precise way, also, since it's a forum, I can interact here while I'm working (like right now). - - - Updated - - - Hey man, thanks! Actually since it's kind of a hobbie, I don't have many designs in my folder, but I will gladly share it when I have more of them :D
  11. Hello guys, I'm a 19 year old brazilian, with 0 tattoos so far. I'm a front-end web developer so I'm really into design, and a little more than a year back I started "designing" some tattos I thought it would be awesome to do, and saved them in a folder. My plan is to create the tattoo design, put in the folder for at least 5 months, and then do it only if I still want to do it as much as I wanted when I did it (with this method I already deleted 3 designs). I'm really into low poly art, and some minimalistic designs, but I want to make only original tattoos (original as in I drew it, then r
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