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  1. oh and just because...another good decision after 10+ years, finally work by Jeff Rassier 🙂 2021 was a good year for tattoos...for me!!!
  2. belated post and *no* regrets! l ❤️ me some sutro tower another by the one and only @scott sylvia can't wait for the 2022 visit 🙂
  3. long time no post 🙂 kinda lost track of this place, so here's what i've been up to over the last few years...work on my legs by the fantastic @Scott Sylvia
  4. yearly visit to @ScottSylvia session 1, will add colour later in the month all tied in w/old snake, so happy, i love it. Scott's the best!🙂
  5. have been away for a bit, just realized i didn't post up the finished work from Scott Sylvia...the guy who bailed on this drawing totally lost out! :)
  6. @Gingerninja lol, yes he is! but it was a bit longer than that ;)
  7. and a better pic, can't wait to add some colour :)
  8. yearly trip to see scottSylvia, always great spending time with him 1st session done, super happy :)
  9. well...life got busy and i got lost last year didn't get to have my yearly appt w/ScottSylvia as i got my ACL replaced, but i'm baaaack!!! consult this weekend, and two appts booked for December. i.can't.wait.
  10. because who doesn't need a snake and rose! Black Heart Tattoo Scott Sylvia's the best, can't wait to see him again :)
  11. this nice big one wasn't too bad, way better than ribs...
  12. dish #2: stir fry beef w/green beans (4/5 stars)
  13. it's a buttermilk-apple coffee cake...tonight is a beef/stringbean dish :)
  14. daughter and i started cooking every recipe in this cookbook in order (by section)... 1 of 500
  15. thanks @Iwar & @suburbanxcore it's almost done peeling, i'll post another when it's done...and yea i think i need some more scott roses :) heck, just anything more scott!
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