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  1. Very true, it's gonna look a little weird until i get some other stuff around it!
  2. I managed to get in with Frank Carter again while he was at Frith Street Tattoo last week. He tattooed this eagle on my chest. The photo is from Frank's Instagram
  3. NathanShearer

    Girl and Wolf

    Tattooed by Frank Carter
  4. NathanShearer


    Tattooed by Frank Carter (Freehand)
  5. Tattooed by Frank Carter
  6. NathanShearer

    Jerry Pig

    Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  7. Tattooed by Chad Koeplinger - truly awful photography...
  8. Tattooed by Frank Carter
  9. NathanShearer

    Rock of Ages

    Tattooed by Emiliano Liberatori
  10. Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  11. NathanShearer

    Smoking Skull

    Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  12. Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  13. Done by Frank Carter
  14. I got tattooed by Frank Carter again a few days ago. We tattooed some dice on my arm as well to fill some space which led to us rolling dice to decide the price. I lost...
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