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  1. you guessed right! got the shirt yesterday in tha right size. Thanks. Is steadfast doing your printing. I thought it looked good. A lot of times t-shirt prints don't look so hot. Take care - Dean

  2. I guess it was a bit of a process to get everything in there. I also improvised a bunch of the composition. Sometimes on those overly detailed larger pieces I'll put a main chunk of the tattoo on , then I'll see how much room I have to play with based on available skin etc. It is always hard to get everything in the customer wants. Even I usually ask the artist for more than is really necessary. Thankfully most of my customers know me or my work and give me a lot of leeway , so i don't get too frustrated. Have a good one! Dean

  3. really pretty easy with the puzzle pieces, just laid some stencils in at the bottom of the piece and followed up with some random pieces here and there. The puzzle aspect was his concept. Enjoy your day! Dean

  4. Hey dude, is it possible to move a photo from i photo onto these reply boxes? I'm a total techno-tard, Let me know if you have any hints . thanks dean

  5. thanks for the nice comments. The underwater scene was arranged through various references of his favorite Hawaiian aquatic life. -Dean

  6. Thanks, that was a cool tattoo, I wonder if they were from Eureka, or if it referred to "I found it" as in the state of CA. If you look in my photos, I have a cool one of the state of CA with a Humboldt County scene in it. Have a great one!

  7. Hello, I'm not tattooing there but I will be there for sat. only. I'm getting some hand tattoos from Mario on Sat. I've ditched the beard so, I'll be the balding guy getting tattoos on sat. sometime after the Conn seminar. Hope to run into ya. take care. Dean

  8. Right on! No worries. Hope biz is good!

  9. Hey dude, wasn't ranting about you in particular on your thread, but I've found that in my nearly twenty years in this that 95% of the supplies on the market are all good. Its been trial and error to find what I like the most. I've learned the most by getting tattooed by a diverse group of tattooers and constant study . which has all lead to me being a competent average tattooer. I don't think anything replaces hard work and working towards wearing a body suit. Take care, Dean

  10. Nice to meet you Nico . I'll be at the SFO for saturday only . Hope to run into you. Take care. Dean

  11. what up nico, where you at?

  12. using you irons daily!

  13. No photos of you. Does that make you real ?

  14. Got some photo's up on here. Got a lot of work I haven't shown in 5 years or so. Then I'll load up the facebook page. Having been a Hermit pretty much over the last ten years, I'm stoked on rejoining the world, making new friends, sharing work and ideas. And and some stink talk too of course. Cheers!

  15. Putting up some stuff soon

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