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    I'm 27, married to RockelMan. I love tattoos (have a full sleeve and other smaller ones), pin up girls, anything macabre and classic cars. I also love anything glittery and cute, and super high heels. I'm quite the little paradox ;)
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    Ontario, Canada
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    Tattoos, classic cars, horses, my sweet little lion of a Maltese, Wizard. Baking, cooking, makeup.
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    Fine artist and jewelry maker
  1. The worst I've seen so far was a creepy punk lookin' kid with ASSFACE tattooed across his neck in that nasty, green old pen looking ink. Also it was crooked, which totally added to the horror of the whole thing. It was huge too, and none of the letters were spaced out the same or the same size. Quality work, brah. *Puts hand on can of pepper spray in purse*.
  2. It's kinda like going to a lady doctor for a vasectomy and asking her what it's going to feel like and having her reply "Oh, you'll only feel a LITTLE discomfort". If you don't have junk, you don't know how it feels to have somebody cut it open... If you don't have tattoos, you don't know how your pressure and movements are going to affect your client. I wouldn't go to an artist that didn't have a lot of work done myself.
  3. Hello and welcome! I'm new too, but I've already learned (and laughed) a whole lot :) Look forward to seeing you around ;)
  4. My gut still hurts from reading this thread all evening yesterday! Here are a couple more:
  5. Thanks guys! :D Looking forward to it!
  6. Hi Deb! Thanks for welcoming me :)
  7. I know, I'm a loser! What can I say? LOL!
  8. Machine Gun for a tattoo machine. Stop trying to be all P.C. about it and just call it what you want. Don't make up some stupid name using both terms. Then again, I'm picky and weird.
  9. Hello, I joined the forum because my Husband (RockelMan) is always laughing at stuff you guys have posted, and I am pretty sick of missing out on the jokes. Also, you guys know a shit-ton about tattoos and it would be cool to hear your thoughts and ideas about tattooing today and in the past. Let's have some fun! :D I look forward to getting to know everyone, you seem like awesome people.
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