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  1. people just wanna have some mystical wizard type shit in their tattoos,that's usually the reason
  2. so do i need to order the pike direct from angelo since luckys isn't carrying it? cause i want that pike green! ;)
  3. intenze is garbage dude,sorry. even if it was decent pigment i still wouldn't use it. i don't want to give money to a guy like mario barth.
  4. i'm looking at them on luckys site,wasn't talking about the picture here
  5. which one is the pike green? i just see grass,lime and concentrate green.
  6. script on achilles heel and the side of the foot seems to be popular. crosses....all the time. and upside down wrist script seems to not be slowing down. less stars though definitely. lots of chicks have been wanting tattoos on the sides of their finger,not sure what thats about.
  7. sometimes ya gotta stack shit like legos or something. i got a galaxy massage chair thats hydraulic and its been fine for people weighing like four hundred pounds....i brace the back though just in case. and dont let them sit on the end because it will flip!
  8. tattooing isn't something that should be done part time or "on the side". dedication is what it takes
  9. i prefer more mellow stuff to work to,nothing to scare the norms. i like black metal but dont really like playing it at work much
  10. usually fat girls get cool tattoos,its the "hotties" that are a pain in the ass....ymmv
  11. worked with a guy several years ago who started tattooing before gloves.....man he would literally answer the phone.drink sodas and touch everything in his station with dirty gloves. disgusting
  12. pretty cool man,did you used to post on texas custom irons?
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