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    not to good at the bio kind of stuff but here it goes i am located in westville new jersey (south jersey) where i own a private studio where i currently work alone , for me i find it better that way gives me more of a chance to give each customer my full attention without any distractions , i dont have any flash in my studio so i draw pretty much everything i do , i do mainly traditional japanese themed work , i like more of the traditional style nice and bold limited colors and a nice flow with the body , you can see some of my work on my website www.fullcoveragetattoos.com , i need to update the site most of the work on there is a year old or older , but ill be working on that soon , but if you are in the area feel free to stop by and check out the studio and see some of my work in person
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    new jersey
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    tattooing painting
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    tattoo artist

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  1. if you get your face tattooed you already know you may have a hard time finding work outside of the tattoo industry, same with the neck and hands , i dont feel people have as many issues with the neck and hands but most people already know if they do get tattoos in areas that are hard to cover that it may become an issue down the road , i wont tattoo the face ,and i wont tattoo the hands or neck if you are not a tattoo artists , im not anyones baby sitter , but if a tattoo i don on someone cant be hidden with clothing then id rather not do it. tattooed or not it should not matter , getting a job should be based on how you will perform for the job you are applying to but thats just not the way things are and people know that.
  2. i would say if you really want it to be traditional japanese style work then take a look at Horiyoshi 111 just google his name and you will find his work , what the artist working on you now is doing is not traditional japanese style at all , but maybe if you show him what you would like it to look like he can make it a bit more traditional might be tough the way he laid it out and did the artwork but it can be made more traditional i feel , but do it before you get more work done to it so your artist will have a clear understanding of what you want it to look like maybe even look around for an artist in your area who does the style of work you were looking for ,
  3. i hear ya i belonged to one and never really posted or asked any questions i just seen some topics people were starting to talk about that got kind of redirected cause its an open forum but i hear ya and you are right what site do you own id like to check it out
  4. but it would still be kind of nice to have one here as well
  5. i forgot all about that site i havent been on there in years but ill have to pay a visit
  6. i havent seen an artist group yet where artists can talk more about the craft , is anyone intrested in having a tattoo artist group?
  7. can we make a tattoo artist group that you have to be a member of to see the info?
  8. thats my studio name full coverage tattoo studio , but i am pretty much covered full back sleeves neck etc , but i dont wont my face tattooed im just not a fan of them and as far as my hands go id just rather not get them done hand tattoos look good, but i dont think i wanna get them done,
  9. also i havent seen anyone mention henning jorgensen , which im pretty sure most people know who he is, but i did see his name mentioned at all on this site so i figured id add him as well not only is he one of the hands down best tattooers out there everytime i see his work it just seems to somehow get even better, i ahd the chance to meet him a while back and spend 3 days hanging out in his booth at a convention and he was one of the coolest most down to earth person i ever met ,
  10. i would love to see henning jorgensen interview he is hands down one of the best tattooers ever
  11. ACQUA SANTA TATTOO - Kimono Horimaru Tattoos By Scott Trerrotola all three of these guys do awesome work horimaru is in texas the other two are in new york
  12. i have one , same one tim hendrix uses , its smaller than the ones on ebay and they are great at conventions etc, i only have it on my liner but it really adds no weight at all
  13. Tattoos By Scott Trerrotola Alchemy Tattoo Arts 2771 Jerusalem Ave Bellmore NY 11710 he just opened up so i figured id post his info here , he is a great guy and a great tattooer
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