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  1. I have just booked in for another session with Henning Jørgensen in April. Been over to Denmark a few times now so have decided to go to Italy to the Bolongna convention to get tattooed by him there instead this time. Never been before so should be fun. Like like a good convention with lots of great artists attending.
  2. @ItsNewport I saw that getting drawn on you. It's turned out very nicely indeed. I spent most of Friday Avo getting my stomach/ribs shaded by Henning J. Which hurt. A lot.
  3. I'll be there on the Friday. I have a session with Henning J in the late afternoon. It will be my fourth year in a row and I can't wait. So if you happen to come across a pale Scottish guy getting his ribs hammered from 5pm onwards on Friday feel free to say hello to help me take my mind off the pain.
  4. @hogg cheers Man. Yeah Henning is a dude, as are the rest of the guys/girls in his shop. Re the crotch shading. I didn't find that bit too bad actually. The lines up my stomach and lower sternum/ribs were 10 times worse. Not looking forward to getting that bit shaded at all.
  5. Had a whirlwind trip to Demnmark this weekend for my second session with Henning Jørgensen. I am extremely happy with how it's turning out.
  6. For my last appointment (and for my next one in a few weeks) I had to convert quite a large amount of money into a different currency and carry it with me through the airport etc. It made sense to do the convention at home so I just stuck it in my wallet and tried to emanate a "don't fuck with me" vibe when walking around town.:cool: To be honest I was more worried about spending it before I got to my appointment than losing it or getting mugged.
  7. Just confirmed that I'll be off to Denmark to get tattooed by Henning Jorgensen in May. Starting a big old Dragon up my leg and on to my ribs. Can't wait. Yay.
  8. Yup. I never really planned how it would all turn out and placement would have been different if I did. When I started I just wanted to be able to get tattooed by my favourite artists (and didn't want to go below the elbow) I do plan getting some backgrounds added though. Sorry for the crappy picture quality.
  9. Got this Namakubi from Pino Cafaro on Saturday at the London Tattoo Convention. Pino was a great guy and I'm vey happy with the outcome. It's on my chest so it was hard for him to tattoo given that there was no bench. Tricky to do in a chair.
  10. Got this sweet tengu mask done by Stewart Robson at the Scottish Tattoo convention last weekend. Sorry for the crappy phone picture. I am well chuffed with it. Edit: the picture quality is worse than I thought. I will switch it when I get a sharper one. This doesn't do it justice at all. Sorry.
  11. Love the Panther Rose. Such a classic and yours is outstanding.
  12. You sir, are a machine. That session must have been a serious test of will!!
  13. I am insanely jealous!!! That's already one amazing back piece from pretty much my two favourite tattoo artists. Love it.
  14. That Tengu is excellent. I think I may need to get one. How hard was it to get a tattoo from Garver? I could barely get near his booth to see him working.
  15. That is outstanding. I saw this tattoo get started and could see that it was going to turn out amazingly well. Sorry I never got a chance to say hello to you. As soon as I was finished I literally had to run to catch my transport home...
  16. Thanks very much. I am so stoked that I have actually got a tattoo from him. Living where I do I knew that getting anything of any significant size that required multiple sittings was pretty much never going to happen so to get this makes me very happy. There was so much astoundingly good work being done all over the place. Looking forward to seeing some more new tattoos from people on here who were also at the convention.
  17. Got this Hannya from Mike Rubendall yesterday at the London convention. I love it. [/img]
  18. That's a shame... Although any of the people you mention would also be awesome. Are they all doing walk ups? I know Garver is... Not long now. Getting excited.
  19. Guess I will see you there then. Henning normally shares a booth with Mike Rubendall. Can't fricking wait!!
  20. I am getting some sort of mask on my upper left arm. Not sure exactly what. An Oni or Hannya I suspect. Would also quite like a Namakubi... Was tattooed by Henning at London last year so really looking forward to it. It's by far my favourite convention, just a bummer that I have to travel up and down from Scotland on the same day as I have to work Friday and Sunday...Would love to be there all weekend Are you getting tattooed on the Saturday too?
  21. I too will be there on the Saturday and am booked in with Mr Rubendall. To say that I am excited is a bit of an understatement. Worth every minute of the 1200 mile round trip that I will have to make in 24 hrs to be able to go.
  22. I got the opportunity to get tattooed by Stewart Robson while he was up in Scotland for the Scottish Tattoo Convention. After the convention Stewart was tattooing at Lab Monkey Tattoo in Stirling so I travelled through and got this Kitsune mask on my shoulder/chest. This is my second small tattoo from Stewart and I suspect it wont be the last. Edit: sorry the picture is massive but I can't seem to make it smaller...
  23. Thanks. No plans other than getting this finished off at the moment. Might be a wee while before I get this coloured. I forgot how much getting your back tattooed hurts! Seriously, anyone wih their full back done is a hero in my book. Did anyone see the back piece Thomas Hooper outlined the other day in a single sitting. Holy shit I can't imagine being able to handle that.
  24. So, this happened this evening: Done by Richard Pinch in Aberdeen Scotland. Got the Foo Dog done last year and always wish I went bigger. Richard added all the background and more flowers and I think it fits my back a lot better now. Very happy with it. There is another chrysanthemum going in on my ribs that you can't quite see. The flower on my hip will be the same colour as the one on my inner biceps, dark reddish. The yellow on the spots on dog will also be getting more dark tones too, like the mane. Very, very happy with it but also slightly freaked out at the size of the tattoo on my back now!
  25. Wow - wasn't familiar with his work but he has some amazing tattoos on his website. Thanks for the heads up.