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  1. Damn! I gotta get my hands on a copy.

  2. Damn, you do nice work! Welcome to the forum.

  3. Thanks, Dave, and welcome!

  4. Yeah, Paul's here! Welcome. Big fan of your stuff (and your shop).

  5. Dave's a friend of yours, right? Perhaps you can get to the bottom of this!

    Derrrrrrrrr with Icreamdiana Cones : TattooSnob.com

  6. hogg

    OK...just added a pic of my back. Thanks for you kind comments!

  7. Right back at you! You have a great collection (and you and I have both been tattooed by Grime, Scott Sylvia and Jeff Rassier). Welcome and tack sa mycket for posting your pictures.

  8. Hey Pete, it's Ross, Carlo and Dena's friend! Yeah, I go to Black Heart a lot because those guys are world class. I also go to Temple, Spider Murphy's and (for Japanese stuff) State of Grace. Gotta love livin' in the Bay!

  9. I rotate them in a free program called Picasa--give that a shot. You can use it to edit your million photos of the boys, too, haha. Lemme know how it goes with Ben!

  10. Welcome, my dude! Great to see you on here. Looking forward to your posts.

  11. Hell yeah! This place is about to get awesomer. Welcome, dude.

  12. Oof...my apologies for the mixup!

  13. I met a young lady who was covered in ink, but what jumped out at me were some really nice black and gray roses on her collarbones. I asked who did them and the answer was "Ms. Mikki." Welcome; your (good) reputation precedes you!

  14. Welcome! That tiger you put on Mike Wilson's forearm is one of the best tattoos I've ever seen. Please share some pics of your work.

  15. Just subscribed to your blog--you do great work!

  16. Yeah, man! I'll see you next weekend.

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