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  1. Freddy Corbin put my son's name on me last night. Simple, tasteful, and just right. I'm so happy with it.
  2. If it's just my head, neck, and hands that are untattooed, wouldn't that be roughly 90%? And isn't that where you are?
  3. Laurent Trelaun at Spider Murphy's has been tattooing a little less than a year, but you'd never know it to see what he's putting out. Check this out: https://instagram.com/laurent_trelaun/
  4. @Scott R, I wish I had that eagle on my chest. He's definitely the man for the job. He did that one on my hamstring in about 90 minutes.
  5. hogg

    Book thread

    The LLLBooks are all very nice and full of amazing tattooers. And don't even hesitate on the Tattootime Series.
  6. Check out this short video on one of my favorite tattooers (featuring another favorite, Bob Roberts): I've said before that Matt has a bit of a Big Liebowski vibe, but now I realize that that comes across as a bit unkind (or at the very least, sells him short). He's both passionate and compassionate, and that comes through in this piece.
  7. Congrats, @beez. That is truly awesome. Here's an awesome thing I did last week: held this guy for the first time. He's pretty chill, and his big sister is already infatuated with him--for now. :)
  8. I gotta hand it to you, @bongsau. You make me feel not-so-tattooed. Very solid look you got.
  9. I would fund that over this.
  10. Veep is my favorite show right now. The writing is terrifyingly sharp, and the non-stop jabs have me rewinding to hear what I missed because I was laughing too hard.
  11. Please don't take this the wrong way--or take it the wrong way, if you'd like--but you are barking up the wrong tree here. No one is going to fund you, and my reply will likely be the most polite you'll receive. And if you have to ask why, well....
  12. Your sister must be so flattered! It's as awesome as I would have expected from Conn. Congrats.
  13. I'm really sorry to hear that (especially since I never got to see the photos), but those things will happen. Good for your artist for turning them down. Any respectable artist would do the same.
  14. I never in all my days thought I'd see a Doze Green reference on LST. Bravo!
  15. Guilty as charged:tigers 1 of 3 Tattoo Picture | Last Sparrow Tattoo
  16. @a1steaks, that is one incredible piece.
  17. She strikes me as a horrible person. And I hate her tattoo. But that's, like, my opinion, man.
  18. @KillerCook: Nice start. Is that an Eagon or a Draggle?
  19. I saw this one in person recently. It's on Christian Cervantes of Spotlight Tattoo, and yes, it's incredible up close:
  20. My preference, when it's an option, is to pay with a card, then tip with cash. It seems to work out best for everyone.
  21. I agree with everything @Avery Taylor said above. I often remark that tattooing is the only service where it's (sometimes) awkward for the customer to ask what it will cost.* It's not as much of an issue if an artist accepts credit cards, but the majority I've been to only accept cash. If I'm traveling to a cash-only artist, that means I have to bring a grip of money, just in case. *To clarify: I'm not talking about dudes on Instagram asking "How much for a sleeve?"
  22. Or you could go with a big Raijin (God of Thunder) like this one by Kiku (on one of my oldest friends):
  23. I saw that Zuck on IG--so freaking good!
  24. I'm actually going to be in NY this weekend. I'm going to try to stop by Kings Avenue on Sunday, but I have a lot of stuff going that day. If any LSTers are there, I'm the guy with the beard and tattoos.