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  1. Seriously! So many great tattoos in that by people I love.
  2. Here ya go: By Jeff Rassier Tattoo Picture | Last Sparrow Tattoo
  3. I've been tattooed by dozens of people, and I wouldn't trade those experiences. That said, after seeing this arm by Paul Dobleman, I wish I had given him a full limb:
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    right leg

    So great! All of this.
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    rightarm 165747

    Whoa! This is great. It always blows my mind to realize just how far ahead of his time Eddy was (and still is).
  6. I wish I'd gotten something from Mike Malone other than tribal rosettes (in green, at that), but I was a young idiot. I've since cured myself of the young part.
  7. Hmm...No idea. I just looked for anything that was awaiting moderation and found nothing. @steve1461686340, any help here?
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    I read your username and thought, "Chris Brand!" Then I realized that you aren't that Chris Brand. Welcome anyway. :)
  9. You are correct! In the bottom right of the homepage, there's a yellow "Donate" button, if you're so inclined.
  10. Just popping in to remind everyone not to feed the trolls. Rad was a bummer, but I think a lot of us knew that he was trolling. LST is a great place--let's keep it that way. Please don't sink to a troll's level of discourse.
  11. Yeah, man! Matt still had the drawing up in his station when he tattooed me. I complimented him on the piece and he said that he had a lot of fun doing it.
  12. Fantastic introduction! Really nice video, too.
  13. @dcostello, that tiger head is SO killer. Good luck with your cantaloupe knee.
  14. Only full panther. I have a panther-headed eagle from Jeff Rassier.
  15. Matt Arriola pantherized my last big spot yesterday at Spotlight. He couldn't quite get it to fit, so he decided to add flames. Always a good call. I have some inner thigh/tenderloin spots and a few tiny spaces on my legs, but if I said "I'm done" now, I don't think anyone would fault me. But we all know that I'm not done.
  16. When I go through periods of getting tattooed regularly, I always dry off very carefully after showering. "Wait, where is it? Oh, right...."
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    Great collection! We've been tattooed by lots of the same people (Stuart, Paul, Matt, Tomo). Welcome to LST.
  18. Yow! Great read and sounds like a great trip. I'm gonna PM you now--thanks in advance! - - - Updated - - - Actually, @bongsau, I don't see an option to send you a PM. Can you edit your profile settings? If not, reply here and I'll sort it out.
  19. I'm getting tattooed by Matt Arriola this Saturday in one of my last "big" spots (back of my thigh). [understatement]I am excited.[/understatement]
  20. This is fantastic advice. My thighs swelled, but nothing remotely close to how swollen my lower leg tattoos were. I think you'll be fine. And have a blast at SOG (one of my favorite shops) and SF (my city)!