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  1. BUMP.

    Re-reading this thread and then reading several recent threads made me realize that the level of discourse has fallen around here. I didn't start this site, but I've been here since the beginning, and everything that @SacramentoDan said in this thread's first post is what I loved/still love about it. If you wanna find strangers being rude to each other on the Internet, go to literally any other forum. LST is different, and as a moderator, I'll ask that you respect and help to maintain that difference. I've met several of you in real life and have really enjoyed getting to know you a little better. Some of you are now real world friends (imagine that). If one of us had made a shitty comment to the other online, we'd both be less inclined to want to meet in the first place.

    If there's a poster you don't like, put them on ignore. Have a snide comment typed out that is guaranteed to lower the level of discourse/add nothing? Feel free to delete it. If someone's really out of line, trust that the other mods and I will gladly swing the banhammer.


  2. How many of you folks that think the parents would be so rough on their children have children of your own? They may still dislike tattoos, may be upset, disappointed, etc., but they aren't going to stop loving them. Your perspective changes a lot when they are your kids.

    My parents didn't talk to me for 3 years because I moved in with my fiancee. So you'll understand if I don't give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to tattoos.