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  1. choosing my artists has been an easy journey so far. i was lucky in finding Charlie Forbes at Twilight, but being that my preferred style is traditional, i'm not exactly at a loss for good tattooers to find. this site has really increased my understanding of what a good tattoo looks like, and when i see one like it on a customer or in an artists book, i can make an appointment with confidence.
  2. Lochlan, I've gotten a gentleman lemur playing a violin, a traditional portrait of Corduroy (teddy bear from the childrens book) on my ribs, a traditional portrait of calvin coolidge on my forearm (he didnt talk much, and i like that), and an all black banksy piece on my calf. i just got my ribs shaded last night, it was a whole lotta hurt. i didnt move at all, but i'm glad it was only two hours.
  3. I've been getting all of my work done by a guy named Charlie Forbes, he works out of Twilight Tattoo in south minneapolis. He's got a really cool spin on traditional tattooing, and he can rock out some purist traditional too. I've heard good things about Josh at aloha monkey, anyone who gets a shop passed down from Rollo is probably rock solid. Does anyone know about his level of availability?
  4. Sup, guys? I'm a 21 year old from minnesota, and I just recently got into collecting tattoos. I'm not well versed in it yet, but i really enjoy good tattoos, getting tattooed, and hearing about the craft in general. Traditional is my absolute favorite, and i love seeing artists apply their own influence to traditional tattooing. I look forward to learning a thing or two