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  1. Sorry been out for a few days started a new job (c.n.a) so while y'all are elbow deep in ass meet I'm elbow deep in shit and piss and old funk... but I didn't take it as an offense LOL I been fat my whole life and one if the things I learned early was that you got let stuff roll off your shoulder and I usually would have made a joke about it was just in a hurry that day
  2. Me and my fiance are both big people but I guess us "fatties" keep you in buisness huh?
  3. My newest is also my smallest and worst but not for long. Was done by the shop apprentice who is a friend of mine but is going to be fixed by the guy who is doing my sleeve so here it is
  4. Name is Allen most people call me Al, 21, half sleeve and a squirrel, no more talk here go the pictures the start of the half sleeve the rest of it Artist is Tom Cuthbert out of Top Notch Tattoo Clanton Alabama