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    A twenty year old student who was born and raised in Red Deer, AB. Someday wants to get a job which allows oneself to help others in a time of need.
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    Ontario, Canada
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    Skateboarding, guitar, and metal shows
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    full-time student/ part-time grocery bitch
  1. You know he has an image in his head right now he just wants approval from fellow tattoo enthusiasts. I personnally find it kind of sad that someone instead of allowing their creativeness and the creativity of their tattooer is willing to change what they want because people on the internet say otherwise. A tattoo is a form of art that is created when an artist and their "canvass" come together.
  2. Some of the best tattoos come out from people with little and no strict guidelines from the person getting the tatttoo. If you let the tattooer do their job and make your tattoo become a part of their art form I beleive that your tattoo will come together alot better than asking around for advice from complete strangers. Instead of asking what to get have a general sense of what you want, then ask WHO to go to. Because you should have a solid relationship with your artist and in such a great tattoo will correspond.
  3. This thread has opened up a lot of questions in the search for my next tattoo artist/ tattoo. I am looking to get a traditional japanese backpeice done sometime in the near future. My dilemma is that I am a college student who has to pay for tuition. I was wondering if I was to start this backpeice with at least five hundred down would it be benificiary for me to do this design in peices? Or would it be better to wait till I have the money saved for the total cost of the project? I am also not willing to move my peice from my back to other extremities such as my arms or my legs.
  4. Whitechapel Amon Amarth Acacia strain Suicide silence Just a few of the wicked bands out there in the world of metal!!!!!!!
  5. I had received my first and only tattoo across my chest in honour of my brothers and I have recently gained some weight. I have noticed a little bit of stretching in the armpit/chest portion of my tattoo and was just wondering if it is the same as stretch marks being tattooed? I have heard that stretch marks are alot harder to cover up and harder to get color to stay. So my question is, if I have stretched my tattoo due to weight gain would I be able to get it filled in and touched up?
  6. New rose and scripter chest peice done by Bry at Thrive Studios, Cambridge Ontario. Shout out to the man! Will get pic up soon
  7. Tattoos in today's society have come along way from being seen as rebellion to a form of art expressed through peoples skin. The Police force is taking a step back in the progression of art and in my terms is having a detrimental effect on the officers at hand. People have been expressing themselves and their culture through body art for thousands of years and to take away that right should not be allowed. The covering up and hiding of these tattoos is acceptable but to not allow a chance to be accepted into the force based on tattooes is descrimination.
  8. yeah i love the fact i can read and find tattoo artists that are amazing in the art of tattooing.
  9. I watched the whole Jeff Crib interview and found it mad jokes. He's a sick guy that is thinking forward into disaster rather than burrying his head into the ground like a ostrich. Mad cool guy and wish I could meet him face to face. Thanks for the spectacular video interviews and wish to make friends like you have that will last a lifetime.
  10. I was looking to travel to my home town to get a tattoo done. But I dont know how to get a hold of some of the local artists and see who would actually grasp my concept for my tattoo. How did you find/ talk to your tattoo artist?
  11. I am currently going to school to be a paramedic. My teachers tell me that my tattoos are going to make it hard for me to get a job. What I really don't understant is if your dying because of a loss of blood, or you have severe head trauma why you would care what I look like?
  12. I can never see enough vintage pinup girl tattoos. They get me in real life and on someones skin :p !!!!!
  13. Purple 1995 gmc Jimmy still rollin with the cassette player. O yeah vintage baby!
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