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  1. Just got a pin up mermaid in my last sesh. Can't wait for her to get some color.
  2. Yesterday! But because of a cut in hours at work, the sleeve has to sadly take a back seat :(
  3. Got my next appt set this saturday. I love how I can get an appt for my sleeve pretty much every 2 weeks with my artist.
  4. After 3 very long weeks, going back in tomorrow morning for 8 hours!! Making up for lost time I guess.
  5. 5 1/2 hours on my first tattoo. I have an 8 hour booked for next friday to work on my sleeve so we'll see how that goes.
  6. I was getting my work done at Guru in SJ but moving shops to a new place called Current Tattooing in dtwn SJ. All work done so far by Che Carrasco.
  7. this is starting a full sleeve. Has the octopus ripping up a ship. the bottom half will be under the sea with dead bodies sinking, with a nifty water theme. Oh and for some reason I agreed to have a fucking clown fish in there.
  8. poppunkers


    Got to fire my first gun last year *357 mag* so decided to never forget that awesome day!
  9. The blue roses are for my grandfathers, and the red rose is for a family friend. This was my first tattoo.
  10. new to the forum. what up! got my first tattoo and have been hooked ever since. in the process of getting my full sleeve done. here was my first piece - here's my golden six shooter(bad pic, its not warped looking - and here's the outlines to half of my sleeve -
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