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  1. Great video @Graeme thanks for sharing. Filip is almost like a myth for me at this point. A unicorn. A great white buffalo.
  2. Ha nah I wish. My tattoo budget for the next year or so is already on allocation.
  3. @Gingerninja @marley mission @polliwog Wait, what the hell? Todd is at Redemption full time? I live 10 minutes from there.
  4. It's not uncommon to show up on the day of and not know what you're getting.
  5. Good review, but all I really got out of it is I want a schnauzer now. But seriously, good job in keeping your arm covered and protecting that investment!
  6. @Lance I'm late to the party, but that is so good. Everyone else, you guys have had some great tattoos in the last few weeks.
  7. @Lance I'll elaborate on the story a bit, it was a fun trip after all. I show up at the shop around 12. Like I said, I came expecting the worst, but I wanted to exceed the expectation and knock this thing out in one day. Johan shows me the drawing, and in my head all I can hear is Gob from Arrested Development, "I've made a huge mistake." So much hair and little lines, fuck me. So we spend the next 45 minutes or so with general setup and talking about placement as I reconsider my goals for the day after seeing all those lines. All laid out, I assume the position. He starts low at the hi
  8. Would have taken a nap if it weren't for that annoying buzzing. Honestly though, I was prepared for the worst. I was going in thinking it would all feel like the lower back, which is still by far the worst spot I've ever experienced.
  9. Pushed as long as I could with Johan Svahn to get this far. Will finish on Johan's return to the States. Had a great time at the Kings Ave in Manhattan, very cool shop. It was great to see @ironchef and his incredible tattoos in person. I know you guys want to see more, slightly blurry, ass.
  10. @Intomyskin You'll never be able to do it yourself. It's like saran wrap. One wrong twist and it tangles in itself and that strip is done. Do what @Graeme said, soap, water, time, patience.
  11. Johan Svahn appointment getting so close. @ironchef You busy on April 11th?
  12. @MrToby Congrats, it's great to see it finished and I'm glad you shared the progress!! It looks fantastic, welcome to the club. However I'm most impressed you only ruined 1 set of bed sheets.
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