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  1. Well for one I think it is a way better show than the other bullshit drama crap out there. NY ink is the fucking worst and I wish Tim Hendricks wasn't apart of that. For one; it has decent critiques even if that douche bag Dave Navaro is one of the judges, but I guess he can do that being the producer. Oliver in my opinion makes the show worth watching. I liked that had Jack Rudy as a judge on there too. They should be putting well know respected tattooers as guest judges every week instead of tattooed celebrities. Time limits are a good indicator of what one can produce given that time. I agree most tattoos done properly take as long as they take. I think tattooing anyone over 5hrs at once is stupid anyways, it's hard on the body and the artist. I'll be watching season 2 and hoping it gets better! It is going to help teach the public about what to look for in good tattooing in the end.
  2. Biggy J

    Nicoles back

    Lil cover up - more to come in the fall.
  3. Koi covering a Koi -
  4. Biggy J


    Peace sells but who's buying
  5. Ibuprofen is a blood thinner - not good. Not as much as Tylenol, but still thins your blood. I believe the pain you experience is part of the "experience"! It's never as bad as your mind makes it out to be..
  6. Biggy J

    Cozumel Ironman

    THis woman participated in the ironman in MExico and wanted an underwater scene to commemorate it.
  7. I have been working in a collective for 2 yrs now.I have found it to be way better than working for other people as I haven't worked for the most "awesome" people in my career. If they weren't tattooers they were opinionated ones. There are 5 of us - it started with 3. All bullshit & ego's need to be put aside and addressed as soon as possible. It's all about communication. Open lines of communication and the feeling you can share whatever's on your mind - no matter what others might think. Being proactive with shop duties needs to be addressed by all parties - you organize cleaning - partner 1 does the phone bill and does the website upkeep, etc. We all pull together and different times and address any issues as soon as they arise. We have all been working in this industry for a minimum of 11yrs, so i think that is also key. Experienced artists have more to offer & less bullshit to deal with. We all have different strengths and weaknesses with our work and push each other with constructive criticism in a proactive manner. There is a lot of variables you need to weigh before the simple yes or no. My experience has been great. I'm by no mean's "rich" in a monetary means but rich with experiences and life is too short not to live it to the fullest. Money shouldn't be the focus of going into a collective I think. If you want to make a "decent living" - does that mean making more $? You get what you put in - Hope this helps?!
  8. Biggy J


    First tattoo for this guy! He sat so well! I had a lot of fun with this - tearing out was my idea.
  9. Biggy J

    flower flow

    A cover up in the bottom of some tribal around her wrist.
  10. Biggy J

    Hawaii sl

    Inspired from a trip to Hawaii - all the creatures are from there. She encountered cuttle fish and turtles. The shark was my choice and my first tiger shark.
  11. Biggy J

    Atlantic sleeve

    Octopus, lobster and anchor.
  12. Hi there, saw a Tim Hendricks video posted on you-tube. It led me to this site and I started poking around and thought it was a very positive experience! Well done and maintained! I have been tattooing in Vancouver Canada for 11 yrs now and hope I can offer up some positive experiences as well. I love this craft and feel blessed to do it for a living. Cheers! Big J
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