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  1. "Bin Laden lives on LST." You rule.

  2. Hello!

    I grew up in a town called Elkins Park outside of Philly, and have a friend named Doug Elkins. Do you know him, or are you related to the Elkins/Thomas clan?

  3. I will try to work it out. No one can execute my bad ideas the way you can! You goin to Vegas or do you have to stay in NY?

    BYW, be on the lookout for LST homie Perez, he says he's gonna post up outside Wooster street until you tattoo him....

  4. dari

    hello my friend and welcome to LST!

  5. Hi,

    Your posting of the link to your website keeps getting temporarily moved due to it being a link to sell images. It could go into the tattoo marketplace, but these are our clearly stated rules:

    " If you are tattooer or sell tattoo supplies, you can post 1 thread here advertising your product in exchange for a link to the forum."

    When you link to us prominently on your website, we can allow your posting in the marketplace.



  6. Tim!

    Thinking about coming down for Hollywood Park, I think it would be fun to go to a convention w/ my old man IF he wasn't working. Will you be making the sweet tats, or just hosting your portrait event? I have another bad idea for a tattoo, this time it's much more manageable!

  7. Hey,

    Welcome to LST, and congrats on your first tattoo. Hope it heals up nicely!

  8. Hi Abby Road!

    Thanks so much for joining in, and chiming in so quickly. You are obviously a good match for our forum, welcome aboard!


  9. Get back to work!

  10. Hey,

    Can we se some photos or hear some stories about your Tattoo Circus? Heard it was a good time!

  11. Joe, glad you're enjoying the site. Maybe post a hello/something about yourself in the initiation thread a day or two before posting paintings, so people have an idea who you are. Not that they don't stand by themselves, it's just that buying art is more fun when it feels a little more personal, right?


  12. hello, just an enthusiast myself, couldn't draw my way out of a paper bag!

  13. Hello and welcome! Thanks for joining in, looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing your pictures.


  14. "lol...FUCK YOU...lol"

    Mario, you rule!

  15. Please come back to Oakland. I'd come to LA, but these little monkeys would burn the house down. Miss you!

    By the way, my brother in law is looking for a man exactly like you, except single and gay. Know anyone fitting that description?



  16. Great to meet you in person. And thanks for keeping it kosher!

  17. Hi Nikki! Welcome to LST! Are you going to Philly, by any chance?



  18. Jamie Ruth!

    Hello lady! Thanks for checking us out, and please feel free to post any tattoo/artwork pictures. Also, if you have any paintings for sale, you can post them in the Marketplace. Will we be seeing you this year? I'm not coming to London, but I'll be meeting up with Scott in Barcelona, maybe see you then?



  19. Hello Hiro!

    Nice to see you on here, please post some sweet tatty pics! Or join in on the random photo thread, it's a pretty good time.

    Love to your family,


  20. Hi and welcome to Last sparrow. Please feel free to make any positive contributions, including posting pics of your own tattoos that you've done or acquired, or share some tattoo related stories and history, but please treat the other members of our community with respect. If you insist on calling people names OR making negative remarks on any LST contributor's artwork you will be permanently banned. We don't gossip or make comments on people's personal live here on LST, I'm sure you can find another forum that's more your speed if that's how you like to spend your time.

  21. Double O!

    Thanks for checking us out. If you have any paintings currently for sale, you could post them in the marketplace if you'd like. I know you are a fantastic painter, as I have a big painting of yours hanging in my kitchen.

    Take care,


  22. Hello and welcome to LST! You look a little young to be getting tattooed, how old are you? Don't get me wrong, I'd be thrilled if someone thought I looked questionably young! And I think your real name is great, I have a friend who calls herself Linder-Lady.

  23. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for checking us out- looking forward to seeing your work.


  24. Vicky!




  25. Hello, and welcome to LST! Will we be seeing some of your work soon?

    Take care,


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