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  1. lape

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I don't think I've posted any of these: Grim design by Morten Transeth at Blue Arms Tattoo in Oslo: Morning star by Siggy from Death or Glory in CPH, done at Tattoo Nation in Kristiansand: And a little dragons head by Hanse at Blue Arms Tattoo in Oslo- who is currently at Idle Hands in SF till the end of February.
  2. It's all about the first ~24 hours after the bandage/clingwrap is removed. If it's clean and not oozing (plasma) then you won't get any scabs. If it oozes and/or is dirty you'll probably end up with scabs. This is the reason why I prefer a proper bandage over night (and day after if I have any) instead of that shitty clingwrap which is removed after a few hours. It's basically too fresh and will ooze, and with nothing to soak it up it's going to form scabs. Right now I have one that is a giant scab, and one that healed nicely in 7 days. Guess which one got which treatment...
  3. lape

    What’s wrong with my tattoo?

    That looks like a scar... It could be your body reacting to the ink with a similar look, but I've never seen it that extreme.
  4. lape

    First colour tattoo very worried

    I have heard that different types of people take color differently. I've heard from 3 different artists that my skin is extremely easy to pack color into compared to other people. And if the person was bleeding a lot during the tattoo then I can see it being an issue. I do think it looks like some weird lines going through the color, as if it wasn't put in with circles which in my experience seems to be the norm, but that could just be the photos.
  5. lape

    Infected tattoo

    Did you got to a professional tattooer? It looks eh... Not professional. To make it heal faster? I'd try to keep it dry and clean. I think it's already past the point where you could make it heal in a nice way.
  6. lape


    My guess would be less than 6 hours
  7. To answer your question, no I do not think a small of back line only tattoo carries the same stigma as a fully blasted bright and bold neck job. And you can probably grow your hair out if it seems to be a problem.
  8. lape

    Is this normal?

    it sounds like you did a horrible job taking care of it to be honest. scabs form when plasma and dirt is allowed to sit on the tattoo. this is why you should have a proper bandage and leave it on over night. lately i've been double double bandage simply because it will put out plasma, and the more plasma you remove the nicer it will heal. ointment is basically dirt during the first few days to be honest... the scab on the right wing looks like it has had an slight infection. you'll probably loose some color. how to heal scabs? don't touch them, don't get them wet. don't put anything on them.
  9. lape

    Take The Pain?

    Yeah that's some bullshit. Prior is bad, during is ok and after is mandatory.
  10. lape

    What can I do with this shit tattoo?

    Jimmy Duvall is pretty damned good at cover-up, but it's probably not what you're looking for. If I were you, I'd just pay Marius and have him do whatever he wants to do on my back and cover that little thing along the way. You simply cannot go wrong with anything from him. I've seen 5 year old hands that look like they were done yesterday.
  11. lape

    Red ink healing question

    Kinda like this? As far as I've figured out, it's an allergic reaction to the specific color. 2 artists told me that they had a nurse come in when a client had a similar effect. They said the body is basically always trying to reject the ink, and it can stay this way for a long time. Another tattoo I have with what appears to be the same reacton is over 2 years old and it is still slightly raised and flakes every now and then. Now, I don't remember the color used, but the same 2 artists believed it was a color named Deep Red, either by Intenze or Ethernal. Recommendation? Stop caring about it. Are you going to surgically remove it? Probably not. And don't let any artists use the same brand of ink that caused it in the first place.
  12. lape

    Are Cover-Up Healings Different?

    I don't have any coverups, but I have a tattoo that has been reworked. In terms of being tattooed I could feel the difference between areas that had lost a bunch of color (slightly scar tissue) and areas that didn't really loose any. It did feel slightly more stingy after it was done and during the first day, but it went away fairly quick so I didn't think anything of it. I got 2 tattoos (1 new) that day and they healed just the same.
  13. I've only used Saniderm once, and I am not doing it again unless it's knees, elbows or butt area. Compared to my traditional method of healing- Saniderm took longer to fully heal than my normal routine and the result isn't any different. Worse if anything. I had the first one on for ~24 hours, then 3-5 days (hard to say since I traveled from the PNW to Europe) and the tattoo basically started healing by the time I took it off. In terms of practicality it was great, which is why I'm open to movable or dirty areas, but the result wasn't any better than my current healing process.
  14. Probably just the photo then, the center of the 2 flowers looks like they have something that looks like scars to me, but you're the one who can tell. I have 2 reactions from the same color red, it doesn't itch, at least not that I notice, but it does flake skin on the largest section and they are all fairly raised. Remedy? Don't get tattooed with that color anymore. As for the final design? Let's just say my spider has 5 eyes that are in 3D and the splash behind it looks like it has colored scars running behind it. I couldn't care less to be honest.
  15. lape

    which one should i go for

    I don't know... Are you going to that artist? So if I understood it correctly you want 2 gradient lines or 2 leafs? Then 2 leafs it is for me, not that I'd get it but at least it's something that's not a line that will never be straight.