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  1. Started this in January (i posted the lines here before)... this is 5 sessions in w/ 2 hrs each time. Again, I want to thank the LST community for leading me to Jason Brooks -- I could not be happier w/ the results :D
  2. I use to live in China... that's where I got most of my tattoos... there is a pretty large tattoo culture there. I'll be in Beijing next monday!
  3. This is 2-3 days after my 3rd sesh w/ Jason Brooks. Got a little of the background to finish, but gonna start to fill in the scales next time. Can't wait till the next appointment!!! BTW, these boards introduced me to Jason. THANK YOU ALL :D
  4. I just got a larger tattoo than my last one every single time... By the 5th or so tattoo, I realized I needed to be getting huge pieces, so I did my whole back and front and told myself I would never get "visible" tattoos.... I started my full sleeve two months ago though. Going for a full suit now and I'm about 85% there. I would never have imagined that i would have a full suit when I was younger, but now i cannot wait.
  5. Love all the pieces here!! Finished this up back in 2012 while I was living in Beijing... Done by Tang Ping (ziyou tattoos). The top right part is a cover-up. He also did a monkey king on my front but i guess that belongs on a front piece thread :D. www.instagram.com/ziyoutattoo He also did this tibetan skull (it won 1st at the london tat convention in 2010)... which was the piece that sold me on getting mine from him.
  6. The tattooes that have hurt the most were the ones where I sat down in the chair for the longest... for me, that is anything over 2.5 hours....... and yes, i have my butt crack tattooed.
  7. I don't have the permission to make a new post... but anyone going to star of texas tattoo art revival this weekend in Austin ?? I'm thinking about going!
  8. Started my sleeve w/ Jason Brooks last Saturday... First new project in over 5 years... and first visible ink :)
  9. Sup yall! Been lurking on these forums for quite awhile. Got a full backpiece and frontpiece while I was living in Beijing/Hong Kong (ziyou tattoos), but this Saturday I'm going to start my full sleeve w/ Jason Brooks. Pretty stoked as none of my tats are really visible yet - it's kind of a big move as I'm going to be reduced to long sleeves all the time living in Houston... Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself and share my excitement :)
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