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    Started tattooing in 1997. Currently own Black Cat tattoos in pittsburgh Pa
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    Tattoo artist
  1. for what its worth i do not claim to have invented that particular pose. it is http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs15/i/2007/290/7/b/Tiger_Gold_by_xiaobaosg.jpg very http://www.gemegg.com/images/stocks/large/1044.jpg very http://www.freetattoodesigns.org/images/japanese-tiger-tattoos.jpg common http://www.coldskin.nl/images/flash/image/1159991363.jpg in japanese tattooing The Art of the Japanese Tattoo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  2. Actually I understand that the State of Grace gig is one of the better ones out there, if I wasnt expecting my first child in october I would definitely be attending!
  3. Hey my name is Jason and I own Black Cat Tattoos in Pittsburgh. Pleased to meet yinz.
  4. Im glad the article got people talking. my point in writing it was because I was reading an article on the "iceman" and was blown away that the earliest piece of human skin we have preserved had tattoos on it, it really put into perspective how long we have been doing this to ourselves and how funny it is that what we consider the "old days" was only a few decades in a span of at least 7000 years. As usual, some folks feel the need to split off into camps and some folks have implied that Im saying that flash is "bad" or "custom" is better buit anyone who has seen my work knows I do both with
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