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    Owner/tattooer at Allstar Tattoo based in Limerick,Ireland. Tattooing since 1999.
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  1. Here is a small taste of what we are up to these days at the shop. We are so lucky to have some of the worlds finest tattooers come work with us and with the amazing clients we have. I am truly blessed!!! Hope you enjoy this! Also feel free to share Thank you
  2. I will be guesting at New York Adorned August 13th-18th. Email james@nyadorned.com if you are looking to get tattooed by me there. I will be at The London Tattoo Convention in September at Tobacco Dock. I will be at The San Fransisco Tattoo Convention in October. I will be at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas before hand and Goldrush Tattoo in Orange County, California for the week after SF Convention. Also, I will be at Wooster Street Social Club in NYC at some stage during the summer. Dates to follow! For appointments please email allstarink@gmail.com Thank you all, Ross
  3. Hey Last Sparrowers I will be Back in the US end of this month. I start off in Dallas Texas at Elm Street Tattoo from April 30th- May 3rd, then Las Vegas for one day on the 4th(I may be tattooing here too), then The Fresno Tattoo Convention in California May 5th-6th, then down to Hollywood where I will be at Bob Roberts Spotlight Tattoo May 7th-8th, then ending my trip at Goldrush Tattoo in Costa Mesa California May 9th-12th. If interested in getting tattooed by me in any of these places you can email me at rossnagle@gmail.com Looking forward to this one! Thanks!! Ross
  4. I will be guesting in Wooster Street Social Club in New York City January 8-10th 2012. Then on to Elm Street Tattoo Dallas, Texas for the Original Friday 13th 24 hour tattoo party along with a couple of days at the shop. If interested in getting tattooed by me at either shop email allstarink@gmail.com . I am really excited for this trip. I couldn't think of a better way to start the year. COME GET TATTOOED! Thanks Ross
  5. It's been a while since Iv posted anything on here. This is the list of amazing tattooers that will be coming through the shop between now til Febuary 2012. OLIVER PECK GRANT COBB CHAD KOEPLINGER FRANK CARTER KRIS MAGNOTTI TODD NOBLE We will be announcing guests from march onwards soon. If interested in getting tattooed by any of these guys call into us, phone us or email. DON'T MISS OUT PEOPLE!!!! ALLSTAR TATTOO 44 Wickham Street, Limerick City, Ireland. Ph: 0035361409439 Email: allstarink@gmail.com Thank you Ross
  6. I have been tattooed by some of the best so far along with all my other shitty tattoos. Here is some of the people um gonna make it my business to get tattooed by. Scott Sylvia Jeff Rassier Juan puente Jeff Whitehead Adam Barton Bob Roberts Grant Cobb Luke Wessman Seth Wood Grime Freddy Corbin Steve Boltz Bert Krak Eli Quinters Dan Santoro Thomas Hooper Kris Magnotti Ben Grillo Seth Cifferi(again) Tim Hendricks(again) Valerie Vargas(again) Oliver Peck(again) Chad Koeplinger(again) Javier Rodriguez(again) Jack Rudy(again) Some of these are friends that i respect and some are just tattoers i respect!!I have too many to think of but I will get through my list!
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  8. pin up girl and barber poll
  9. There has been a change in plans!! Charlie and Thomas will not be coming to guest. Sorry for any confusion!! Thanks
  10. Hey guys. I know it's short notice!! Our shop is honored to say that we have Charlie Roberts and Thomas Morgan from the legendary Spotlight tattoo Hollywood, California coming to tattoo at the shop next week.if you want to get tattooed by any of em while they are here call the shop for this rate chance to get tattooed by em this side of the world!!! Thanks again Ross
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