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  1. Interesting article. I noticed that many of the chefs on Top Chef have a love for tattoos. I never really thought of it before, but for them it's a perfect set-up, being behind the scenes is the perfect environment for being able to freely show off body art.
  2. I got a tattoo for my son. It's nothing terribly original or avant garde. It's just a burning heart that I really loved with his birthdate curved above it. I'm preggo with #2 so I'm going to add her birthdate curved below the heart and get my son's date touched up because the artist f'ed up one of the dashes between the numbers. Bunny, originally I was going to get my son's name with a piece of art work but my husband was like "I really don't want to see his name and start thinking about him when we're doing it" so a portrait piece would def have been out for the same reason as well!
  3. Aww, love that you said you're all about your family and mentioned the wifey!
  4. Awesome photos! I love them and would like to see more sometime.
  5. Very cool. Hey Dano!
  6. Hi Barbie!
  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcome.
  8. Hello everyone. My name is Jessica and I'm from the increasingly popular (due to reality tv) state of NJ. I heard about this forum through Tammy and thought it sounded like a cool place to check out. My number of tattoos is modest due to my indecisive and non-committal nature, but I'd like to add a few more before I call it quits. Although I don't strive to be heavily tattooed myself, I absolutely love seeing work others have had done and hearing the stories behind them. Looking forward to participating on this forum!
  9. Thanks for joining LST Jessica! I/we look fwd to your input on the forums, blog, photos, etc..

    Until then....have a good evening.