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    I've been working at Little Vinnies Tattoos outside of Baltimore Maryland since 1996.
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  1. These videos are great, keep 'em going! Phil is one funny dude.
  2. first part was cool, cant wait for the rest. the chris o donnell interview on another part of their site was cool, too.
  3. i like the brown paper bag.... my first machine was a national swingate right out of the box, i remember it came with one super skinny brass tube already set up in it. that was my liner, if i needed a shader, i had to borrow one from someone else. i remember aaron had a supreme that didn't look too far off from yours when he came to work with us. my first shader was a really ugly contraption seth put together for me when he was still just selling them to friends for the most part. i have a pic of it somewhere.
  4. wow bill, that's a lot of pigment. i ordered one of these prints from uncle allan the other day, he has sold 50 of 100 so far, check it out here: Conspiracy Inc.: Uncle Allan for Japan The Blog of Uncle: Prints for Japan
  5. E. Gregory

    my blog

    i'll link it up with mine.
  6. wow, an edit button would be awesome.......late night typing on an ipad led to a few jumbled words on my post.....doh!
  7. i really hate the word, 'tatmaker'. i thought this thread was going to be about slang terms in general, as in my old lady hates the term, 'cool beans', and also the term, 'my old lady'......
  8. i first saw peter lagergren's blog a few months ago, and i was blown away.....couldn't beleive i have never heard of someone that good until now. that backpiece on ben grillo looks crazy. i could mention a few people, one would be steve moore from vancouver, i know some west coasters already know about him, but out east anytime i show some my work from him, they have no idea who he is.....he keeps it low profile on the web and has only done a few articles. but if you get to check out his sketchbook and the photo book he carries around, it's insane. one of the best artists i have ever worked around, he did a few guest spots when aaron still worked with us. matt rinks and brady duncan are two other dudes who a lot of younger tattooers don't even realize that alot of shit they are copying are heavily influenced by stuff they were doing a whle ago. neither of them hae a while lot to do with computers, though. i used to work with this dude named jef mcgreevy a while back who could draw, paint, or tattoo almost anything, not even sure if he's still tattooing now. would have been really well known if he did a few more mag articles back then. he's been getting some press nowadays, but cory norris is a another artist that has been pushing it for a long time.
  9. giant deer heads=owls or i should say deer heads on anyone who has never been hunting before. it used to be that doing them meant the person you were tattooing was probably wearing camo, not tight jeans.
  10. the word 'yelp' makes me want to punch someone in the face. how come all new internet companies have such idiotic names? we get shitty reviews sometimes, maybe because all of our happy customers have better things to do with their time than blab about every business they frequent everyday.....
  11. check out the green ed roth book and the book, 'kustom kulture'. or go get dave waugh to do it.
  12. for big stuff i gotta say aaron cain.....not so big stuff i'd have to say seth. i try not to waste any time either, get in and get out.
  13. did these machine drawings this fall for a couple art shows/machine trades, lotta fun.... seth ciferri microjones done up rogers style: john moniz single coil liner:
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