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    I have been tattooing now for 8 years. Started in Nashville, TN worked there for about 4 years then moved to Jonesboro AR worked thhere for 3 years. Now I have been in Florida for a year now working with Litos at Forbidden Images tattoos in Trinity, FL. Some things I love to tattoo are Celtic knot work and tribal as well as black and grey pieces. All in all I just love tattooing. Giving the customer what they want so that they are excited about the work is the best.
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    Trinity, FL
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    Tattoo Artist
  1. japdemon

  2. Hour Glass

    Done on 60lb sketch paper with Graphite pencils. Image taken from a color photo
  3. Tribal Mix

    Done on Copy paper with 2H Graphite pencil. A combination of tridal styles to see how they flow.
  4. Heart Grenade

    Heart Grenade done on a young ladys Chest. Done on copy paper with Prisma color pencils and pen
  5. Japanese Fu Dog

    Done on 60lb sketch paper with 2h graphite pencil.
  6. I would check out some of the small fill work that Sailor Jerry does on his flash. Be as true to the pieces as you can is my advise.
  7. black widow

    Black widow tattoo on a guy that hate spiders .
  8. Shield Knot

    Another fun celtic tattoo.
  9. Seahorse

    This was her first tattoo and its on her foot.
  10. Polish Falcon

    Showing this guys pride in Poland. 3 hours.
  11. knott ctoss

    Celtic knots are some of my favorite things to do and design. This was a half back piece. 6 Hours
  12. Baby Blocks

    These were done for his newborn baby boy.
  13. Meshugga Catch 33 CD cover

    This was an cool piece to do. Took 4 hours and is one of the bands fan fav tattoos.
  14. Fishing Taz

    This guys was a harcore fishing guy and wanted a taz tattoo so this was my idea.
  15. Skull Piston

    My spin on a skull piston. 2 hours