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  1. Hey Tassos! I'm good thanks! How are you doing? x

  2. Hi Naomi!Hope all well there!!

  3. I personally want to give my tattoos a bit of breathing room around them. But this doesn't mean I'm not trying to cram in as many small tattoos as possible. I really like how dots and stars look though! I would totally agree on the wait until the time is right advice, and whilst you might not manage an entire leg for example in one session, getting a section complete and having the same person do them makes good sense. For me the person to go to for dots and stars in Oliver Peck.
  4. The only place I cant foresee getting tattooed is my face
  5. Shane did my palm tattoos and did a great job. He stencilled them, they are a matching pair! He actually says he freehands all his Maori and Polynesian, not every tattoo. I saw him do some really nice work whilst I was at Chapel Tattoo.
  6. NReed


    I found that washing them well twice a day was absolutely fine. They healed incredibly quickly and I had no problems!