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  1. They have always reminded me of Sinbad the Sailor from the old Popeye cartoons.
  2. Coming from a skinny dude that is working out on the reg to get bigger, just be happy you have lots of canvas. Fuck anyone who talks shit and you tell them that.
  3. I think it was bound to happen, though I feel that it is corporate America figuring out new ways of stealing from citizens. People have their art posted on IG, I don't think its right that they can potentially take a persons work and sell it without at least compensating said artist.
  4. I honestly haven't been looking into get more tattoos here. I'm going to be going traveling around europe for awhile and then go down to the states for a few months before i move to Victoria, so my money is kinda tied up. Although I was looking for a shop to do a traditional cobra and dagger and Classic is looking like a great choice for such a piece!
  5. I wouldn't move here if your lookin for good tattoos :P their are only a couple of artists here i would let come near me, even then I don't get tattoo'd here. Too many friends with horrible work done. The worst part is this city seems to think they are good artists :P
  6. Welcome aboard, from a fellow Albertan! Did you guys up in Rocky get smacked with the snow as well? Lethbridge is a mess right now.
  7. I would actually be inclined to call it a dye job as well. Either way that guy wears it like a fucking badass.
  8. I hadn't had a prob before, but now its back to being fine. It wasn't even loading, it would go black screen and stay like that so it wasn't just the thumbs not loading.
  9. hmm, No reason it shouldn't be showing. Ive checked things out and there is no issues else where, just went to youtube to watch instead.
  10. No connection is fine, it shows me the interview screen for a second now then goes all black.
  11. I was just goin to watch a couple interviews but the page keeps going to a blank black screen, figured i'd give you a heads up.
  12. Swollen Members, Madchild, Canada reppin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRHTwJQlZPo hope you all enjoy as much as I do!
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