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  1. @sourpussoctopus @Graeme Ok, I guess my viewpoint is skewed. I'll be honest, I've not really had any exposure to cultural appropriation, it seems to be something that has come to light in the media just recently and to me it seemed a little daft to get all het up because someone wore their hair a certain way or got a certain tattoo. I guess the fact is I wouldn't care if people started "appropriating" my culture, but possibly due to the fact England has no real cultural identity. My apologies if I seem insensitive or if I offended anyone
  2. Graeme, I'm not suggesting that it's childish to be afraid of the destruction of ones culture, I'm suggesting that blaming the loss of a culture on people copying aspects of that culture for whatever reason is childish. As you said, the loss of the Inuit culture was entirely perpetrated by the state, I think as long as people are educated about the cultures, traditions and meanings surrounding the artwork, "appropriation" will do more to keep that culture alive and in the public conciousness.
  3. I've never understood the whole "cultural appropriation" thing. I think it just smacks of whinging for the sake of it. "oh x demographic is taking away our culture by having that hairdo/tattoo/whatever" Just seems a little childish to me. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so if I like the style or imagery of a given culture/religion/whatever I don't understand how it can be seen as offensive to have that tattooed on me. I wouldn't however have a tribal tattoo, as I don't belong to a tribe and I don't think I have the right to wear those markings, in the same way as I wouldn't wear an army uniform. I won't judge others who have tribal e.t.c though as that's their choice not mine. In short, I think whatever you want is fine unless it's something blatantly intended to be offensive (swastikas e.t.c) but even then, that's their choice, not mine.
  4. Just got my first proper custom tattoo finished, my first one with colour too.
  5. Hi, I've been browsing this site for a while having stumbled across it while doing some tattoo research and it seems a cracking place so I thought I'd join. I've just recently got my first tattoo from a proper custom shop, one designed by an actual tattooist instead of me, don't get me wrong, my others weren't done by scratchers but let's just say this one is by far the best, the problem is, I've yet to get it finished and I'm already thinking about the next one! This could become expensive. Anyway that's my introduction I guess, I look forward to being part of this community.