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  1. I'm using Tegaderm for the first time for my new tattoo. I followed Killercook76's steps..I got tattooed yesterday, waited 2 hours to wash the tattoo, re-wrapped, washed again in the morning and applied the tegaderm. My tattoo is still weeping a little bit of ink. When I applied the Tegaderm in the morning, it was basically dry. My question is should I keep it on for the first 3 days like he says, or do I need to put on a new set? If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. I spoke to another Veteran at my work yesterday. He was pretty covered, and out of curiosity I asked him politely where he got his tattoos (or pieces of crap, as he called them) done at. He couldn't remember the artists who did most of them, but he pointed out two specific ones. He told me that he got two (on his outer biceps) done by Charlie Wagner in Portsmouth, Virginia. He told me Charlie mixed the ink with his spit then said "tattooing has changed a lot from those days". I wish I could have spoke with him a little more, but I didn't want to keep him from going about his day.
  3. I spoke with an old Korean/Vietnam Veteran for about 10 minutes at my work today about tattoos. He said he got these down at The Pike 51 years ago, but couldn't remember the exact artist who did them.
  4. I know man, I was about to say the same thing.. Haha He's just so good at them-along with everything else he does. It was actually supposed to be a dagger with the moth as the handle, but we decided to just do the moth since I'm a pretty skinny dude, and the dagger would have taken up most of my arm. I still want to save some room for more pieces.
  5. I managed to get tattooed by Capilli when he was at Captured Tattoo. I actually contacted him a few weeks after he announced his U.S. visit, and he was completely booked up. He emailed me back a month or two later and let me know he had a cancellation. I jumped right on the opportunity. After a near cancellation, due to some booking confusion, he managed to get me in at the time we had originally planned. I would have to say that getting tattooed by Capilli was probably the best Tattoo experience I ever had. He is genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever met. He shared some cool and funny
  6. This was done last month by Eric Jones at Port City Tattoo. It's finally all healed up. Sorry for the minor glare near the front of her crown.
  7. Your piece is absolutely incredible. Aaron Coleman and Steve Byrne saved me from "New-School" Tattoos ala Nikko (if that makes sense). I hate to be that guy, but does Aaron usually charge per hour, or by the piece? My best friend moved out to Phoenix recently and I'm probably going to try to get something done by Aaron whenever I decide to go visit my friend.
  8. More trash from this piece of trash: http://www.facebook.com/CristinaBeanArtist
  9. I found this pretty cool Acetate awhile back on google.
  10. Has anyone else in here heard of that new upcoming series "Tattoo Rescue"? It appears that the people behind Ink Master have decided to create another bogus Tattoo reality show..this time on renovating tattoo shops.
  11. I finally managed to bust out a razor and clean my leg up for the first time since I got this done back at Ink N' Iron a few months ago. Queen inspired piece done by Steve Byrne. I apologize if the picture is somewhat dim. It was the best shot I could get with my phone.
  12. I'm pretty bummed about having to pay $40 to get tattooed at Ink N' Iron this year. I went to Ink N' Iron 2009 and I believe paid about half of the current price to get in. I'd love to attend State Of Grace someday..or any other convention put on by artists and not corporations.
  13. Ian, where are you going for your laser treatments, if you don't mind me asking? I'm interested in getting a sleeve removed. I've gone to Celibre, who said they'd charge me $300 for per session-but want to try to look around before I make a decision on where to go.
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