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    Ive talked to Scott and to Chad about this a bunch but I would like to hear how others find ways to handle family time, kid time, wife/husband time, and do all the things needed to try to keep up on painting and doing decent tattoos and handling shop BS all the while not losing your shit.
    It’s a rough go and with our families and careers are not getting any smaller I would like to know what others do to balance it all out.
  2. Nick Colella
    so with all this social networking Facebook, Shop Blogs,Twitter and all the other crap i had let me website fall to the way side, but recently i updated it and added a little tattoo history photo section I still need to tweak it a little more but for now its up and actually has some newer(within the last 2 years) photos.
    I think this LST thing kinda lite a fire for me to rework it
    any input would be appreciated