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  1. Can your artist recommend someone with similar style? But if waiting till another trip is an option that would be my vote.
  2. Littlefs


    I think it looks very good.
  3. Right?!?! As a 47yr old newbie I can't discuss things like price and it's very frustrating. An article online of top 10 highest paid artists says #9-Bob Tyrrell – $150 per hour yet other articles say that's the "average" you should expect to pay. Are we getting taken advantage of by not allowing anyone to discuss it? As for the dad teaching his little girl a trade? If he was teaching her to work on cars would anyone mind? Or teaching her to cook? Whatever! Good job dad, give your kids something to fall back on.
  4. I know and I will. I just really hated my new doctor so I avoided the whole thing. I have very good family so please don't worry about me. But thanks for showing concern.
  5. Thanks for the input! I do like a lot of the stuff at rockstar. Have you heard of blue lotus in Madison? - - - Updated - - - Well my PTSD is mostly handled well by the little pill. Can't seem to talk about it which most doctors believe is needed. One said I'm just the best at avoidance and so long as it doesn't mean I avoid life as a whole than its fine if I want to avoid (wish that Doctor was still working, he was the best for me). Anyway thanks for the reply. Ryan is awesome but doesn't have quite the feel I'm looking for. - - - Updated - - - Oh that little pill.... Ran out a few week
  6. Been married 11 yrs to a man I met while we were both active duty military. Now we are both retired and I'm looking to get 4 tattoos (I'm tattooless at this time). Medium to large visible tattoos, not a little butterfly on my ankle. He just smiles at me and says he loves getting to know the side of me he didn't know 11 years ago. He has NO desire to get any but it's intersting to him and seems to give us new things to talk about. Anyone married 11 yrs knows the conversation can become a little....well, lacking. This is opening us up to new explorations of eachother.
  7. I met a woman several years ago and found out later she was Native American. To me it was just who she was and not the point to my liking her. The thing is I've learned things about her culture and her family's struggle due to their heritage that I never knew happened in the modern day. She's a beautiful, accepting, open minded, intelligent, loving woman who happens to be one of the most important people in my life. I wanted to get a Native American image tattoo to commemorate my friendship with her and then found myself feeling that it was necessary to get her permission. Not sure where that
  8. Thanks for the reply! I'm easily able to travel a few hours (Wisconsin/Chicago area) but I'm willing to go anywhere is US. I don't know how to imbed a pic but what you picked is close. Just want black and grey and a single girl sleeping against the tree. I know the meaning behind the image sounds like I want everything plus the kitchen sink but not so much. Hope this link works. It's the Druids keep called Paranor from Terry Brooks Sword of Shannara. http://http://thefourlands.tumblr.com/post/112251647298/original-illustrations-for-the-sword-of-shannara - - - Updated - - - I thought I had
  9. I've been wanting tattoos for years but didn't want to bother with the military rules. Now I'm retired and have map out my tattoos in my head but want to learn how to find a good artist to bring it together. The first tattoo will be the one that reminds me that just because I don't think I'm beautiful doesn't mean I'm not, that I need to allow myself to be spontaneous and just enjoy life and that when sugar has turned to shit a good book will let me escape reality for a little while. Yes, all of that in one tattoo and I know the images that will bring it together, a picture from my fav b
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